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My Fandom Escape

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17 March 1974
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I'm Wendy/lumy12 and this is my "creative" journal for fanworks. I am Lumy12 on FFN and AO3 as well.

My lovely Titanic mood theme was created by peculiargroove.

Whee, a text box for me to cut and paste when I post:

Current claims (er, claims I can't finish now, aww):
♥ Anakin Skywalker at fanfic50 (Prompt Table)
♥ Palpatine at saga_6

Completed claims:
Anakin/Palpatine at sw_1sentence

Current Project: Part 3 of my "Savage Starlight" series for The Last of Us. FIRST GAME ONLY

If you like a fic of mine, please comment -- I'd love to hear from you ♥

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