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Ripple in the Force

Title: Ripple in the Force
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Luke, Leia, Anakin
Prompt: fanfic50 #13 - Celebrate
Word Count: 514
Rating: G
Notes/Warnings: Nothing fancy, just revisiting the end of RotJ... the sadness just overwhelms me every time I see it.

Beings across the galaxy were rejoicing in their newfound freedom. Their jubilation penetrated the Force, bathing it in more light than Anakin had ever sensed there when he was alive. Experiencing the Force from within it - actually being a component of the energy that Force-sensitive beings could feel and harness - was new to him, but only in the galactic sense of time. In truth, there was a timelessness to it, a naturalness... and it was as if the darkness had never consumed him -- Darth Vader had never existed. He had always been Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, spawn of the Force itself.

In this new state of being, Anakin could sense his son's conflicted emotions easily: Luke was happy the Rebels had completed their mission, but haunted by the memory of his father being a casualty of the victory. He couldn't touch him or speak to him, at least not through tangible means, and thus he was unable to relate comfort in a way the boy would be sure to grasp.

But surely, there must be some way...

Anakin projected his love to Luke through the Force. It was easy enough to do when one was no longer separate from the Force; the difficulty lay in ensuring he realized what the Force was telling him. Luke was gifted in the Force, yes, but still quite new to "listening" to it and interpreting its nuances. Anakin felt no sign of comprehension from his son. In fact, he seemed even more melancholy than before.

Anakin's next communication attempt was interrupted by a current in the Force more powerful than his own presence. Old friends surrounded him, and their Force-voices joined his. The resulting ripple in the Force was enough to draw Luke away from the festivities, toward the congregation of Force-Jedi. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda were not visible to the human eye, but Anakin knew the boy could see them. He felt it. And he was just as certain that Luke would now be able to understand him.

Go join your friends, my son... celebrate with those who love you. Don't dwell on your sorrow or your regrets -- you did more for me than you can possibly imagine. I have become one with the Force, and the Force will always be with you.

Luke smiled. He basked in the love and reassurance he felt in the Force, his spirit soothed. He lingered only a moment, for his twin sister had found him. She had been intuitively aware of his anguish and had followed him into the dark.

Leia would be harder to reach... not so ready to forgive.

But Anakin knew nothing of impatience now; time was meaningless in the Force. He would commune with his former Master and the scores of other Jedi who'd passed into this realm before him, and he'd learn how best to impart his new knowledge to his children. His brave, strong, beautiful children... the best legacy a man could ever hope to have.

The Force swelled with love as Leia guided Luke back to the light.
Tags: anakin, fic, leia, luke, star wars
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