Lumy (luminations) wrote,


Title: Robes
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin, Palpatine
Prompt: fanfic50 #16 - Bath
Word Count: 554
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Don't worry, kiddos, it's not really dirty. I seem to have this penchant for writing awkward!Ani lately.

It was late, but Anakin hadn’t been able to get away from the Temple earlier. Palpatine had said to stop by "any time" and Anakin was about to find out if he’d meant it.

According to the Chancellor, Anakin was the only Jedi privy to the whereabouts of his private apartment suite. Everyone knew he lived at 500 Republica, of course, but his exact location was, understandably, a well-kept secret. Anakin swelled with pride at being entrusted with such knowledge.

Palpatine’s aide didn’t keep him in suspense for long. “Master Skywalker, Chancellor Palpatine has asked that you wait for him in the sitting room. He’s just stepping out of the bath.”

Anakin blinked. “Bath?” he repeated, as if the word were unfamiliar to him. “Oh.” Did he really expect the Chancellor to be sitting around in anticipation of his unannounced visit?

He waited in the designated room, glancing around at his surroundings. The décor was elegant and simple, not unlike his office at the Senate. Anakin found himself wondering if Palpatine would greet him in a bathrobe, and what this bathrobe would look like… feel like…

Stop it, you jerk, he reprimanded himself. Here he’d come to visit the man at an unseemly hour and interrupted his bath, and he had the gall to think about...

He glanced around the room again, his eyes settling on a plain black vase. He stared at it intently, willing his impure thoughts to subside. I wonder what his hair will smell like, fresh from the bath… or his skin… I bet he has really soft skin. GAH! Stop it, Anakin!

He could feel the heat in his face and knew he must be as red as a Sith’s blade. That would never do for greeting the Chancellor. He must stop these thoughts. Maybe the Chancellor would take the time to get fully dressed, thus relieving him of the discomfort of his perverted desires when they were face to face. At least, he hoped it would relieve him; otherwise he was quite sure he’d die of humiliation on the spot.

It had never occurred to Anakin that Palpatine must be naked at some point every single day, just like anyone else. It seemed decidedly unfitting that a man of his stature be without several velvety layers of robes adorning him at all times. What does he look like underneath all that? Does anyone know? Oh Force, does he have a lover? What if he’s with a lover right now and I’ve interrupted them?

Now he struggled to suppress his perverted curiosity, lust, and jealousy. He couldn’t face the sweet, kindly older man like this. Not with his heart hammering, his palms sweating… his cock hardening. He could barely remember what he wanted to speak to the Chancellor about in the first place. He had to get out of there – he would make an excuse to Palpatine later and express his regrets for disturbing him. That wouldn’t be nearly as embarrassing as facing him in this state.

Anakin fled. The physical reaction was a natural response to his immediate, and more readily solvable, problem; however, it didn't prevent him from ruminating over Palpatine and his couture, nor did it stop him from feeling utterly disgusted with himself.

And he wondered what the Chancellor would think if he knew.
Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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