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Hehe – I fail at working today.

Soooooooo I finally have an Anakin claim to write for. Yay! I’m excited about it. He's my favorite to write. I printed out two copies of the table, one to keep in my purse and one to stick on my computer tray at work.

I really, REALLY like staring at the prompts. Vague ideas float through my head, nothing specific, nothing even workable… and I stare and stare. Then I finally do get an idea, I get excited for a moment, and end up dismissing it as “Nah, that’s cliché, been done a zillion times.” But… well, is that a really bad thing? People like clichés. I guess the trick is to take the cliché and put a twist in it SOMEwhere to make it at least a little bit different.

I know I’m not a great writer. I’m only dabbling in fanfic for fun. And this fanfic50 claim is going to be FUN. I already have some stories I could use for my table but I want to write 50 NEW fics. Or perhaps come up with an idea for a multi-part story, which would be a challenge for me as I tend to stick to short things.

I read this delicious Sidious/Maul story last night that inspired me… erm, except I’m not nearly as talented as the author of this fic. Maybe I’ll improve over time. I’m trying not to take it all too seriously, though. I take everything too seriously at some point and I have to give myself a reality check sometimes.

Still staring at the prompts. Bah. A couple months ago I wrote an entire fic at work. I’m so unproductive today (okay, it was only about 200 words, but still! I wrote it quickly but people seemed to like it more than the ones I slave over. Go figure)

Also, I’d like to write more than just Star Wars stuff, but it’s what I’m most familiar with and I guess I don’t have the cajones to write for other fandoms yet.

I’d still like to finish the cracky angsty Fic of DoomTM I started a couple weeks ago, because I got an idea to improve it and make it actually worth posting, maybe… but I think Amber would probably kill me even if I posted a disclaimer saying that the Anakin appearing in the fic was only loosely based on her omg!ls character. *snicker*

I know why I’m not working hard today. THERE’S NO ONE HERE.

I could have made some serious headway on a fic by now. Instead I babble about nothing really worth saying. Oh how I fail! Gonna go back to staring... and possibly getting some work done before I leave today. Ha ha.
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