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I'm not a writer, I just play one on TV

Usually when I'm sad, I find solace in writing. Writing angst, particularly. This week, nothing that came out of my brain was any good, though. I had to settle for babbling in my journal (pen/paper kind).

Found an interesting new community - 10_cliche_fics. I'm just watching it for the Firefly fics right now.

I've toyed with the idea of joining all those "30+[word]" fic communities and then... not. I did ask to be waitlisted for Anakin at fanfic100, he's my favorite to write. Yes there'd probably be more Ani/Palpy than most people like if I did him. Heh. I wish they had some sort of activity requirement, perhaps only if someone expresses interest in claiming your claim? Some of those people haven't written in years. The person who has Hayden Christensen hasn't written a bloody thing. I did stumble across this cracky RP thing on her journal involving Anakin/Hayden that amused me, though.

I should write more for swficchallenge too. Don't know why I don't.
Tags: babble, star wars
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