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"Uncertainty" Fic Master List

Title: "Uncertainty"
Fandom: The Last of Us
Characters: Joel, Ellie, Tommy, Maria, OCs
Word Count: 350,075
Chapters: 47
Rating: R
Summary: With romance now mixed into the equation, Joel and Ellie face some new challenges. Keeping the secret isn't easy, and they begin to wonder if perhaps Jackson isn't the best place for them to live. Sequel to "Accretion" (although you don't have to read that first).

~crossposted to FFN and AO3~

Each chapter has a link at the end to continue to the next.

Chapter 1: "Forces of Nature"
Chapter 2: "True Lies"
Chapter 3: "Skanksville"
Chapter 4: "Taming the Green-Eyed Monster"
Chapter 5: "How to Be the Woman of His Dreams"
Chapter 6: "Missing" Part 1
Chapter 7: "Missing" Part 2
Chapter 8: "Strange Fire"
Chapter 9: "A Clicker and a Bloater"
Chapter 10: "Yes Or No"
Chapter 11: "Anticipation"
Chapter 12: "What Comes Naturally"
Chapter 13: "A Good Fit"
Chapter 14: "Could I Have This Dance"
Chapter 15: "Smoke and Mirrors"
Chapter 16: "Something To Talk About"
Chapter 17: "Beauty and the Beast"
Chapter 18: "Five Finger Death Punch"
Chapter 19: "The Weight of Your Love"
Chapter 20: "Interlude"
Chapter 21: "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
Chapter 22: "Broad Shoulders"
Chapter 23: "Muddy Waters"
Chapter 24: "Don't Close Your Eyes"
Chapter 25: "Somewhere Only We Know"
Chapter 26: "Ellie's Choice"
Chapter 27: "Footprints"
Chapter 28: "Setting Forth"
Chapter 29: "Friends and Enemies"
Chapter 30: "Half-Naked Cowboys"
Chapter 31: "Dead or Alive"
Chapter 32: "Trouble Will Find Me"
Chapter 33: "Pain Don't Hurt"
Chapter 34: "The Girl Who Cried Wolf"
Chapter 35: "Mistakes Can Kill You"
Chapter 36: "Gut Feelings"
Chapter 37: "The Sound of Silence"
Chapter 38: "God Only Knows"
Chapter 39: "Where the Heart Is"
Chapter 40: "Truth Be Told" PART ONE and PART TWO
Chapter 41: "The Gates of Heaven"
Chapter 42: "Sifting the Sands" PART ONE and PART TWO
Chapter 43: "New Rules"
Chapter 44: "Girl Talk"
Chapter 45: "The First Time -- Part 1: 'And I have loved you dearly...' "
Chapter 46: "The First Time -- Part 2: '...more dearly than the spoken word can tell' "
Chapter 47: "A Fog of Uncertainty" PART ONE and PART TWO

Tags: fic, tlou, uncertainty
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