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"Comforting Sounds" Master List

Title: "Comforting Sounds"
Fandom: The Last of Us (see game recap here)
Characters: Joel, Ellie, Tommy, Maria, OCs
Word Count: 107,105
Chapters: 17
Rating: R
Summary: Ellie may be mature for her age, but she still has the brain of a teenager, and doesn't always make the wisest of choices; after living in the relatively safe town of Jackson for over a year, she is cruelly reminded of how precarious life is. Ellie/OC.

WARNINGS: Violence, Murder, Rape, Disturbing Imagery, Suicide, Suicidal Ideation, Depression, Angst -- please see A/N on Chapter 1.

~crossposted to FFN and AO3~

Each chapter has a link at the end to continue to the next.

Chapter 1: "Hand in Hand in Hand"
Chapter 2: "Monopolies"
Chapter 3: "Nightswimming"
Chapter 4: "Safety In Numbers"
Chapter 5: "The Prisoner"
Chapter 6: "Uninvited"
Chapter 7: "Games We Play"
Chapter 8: "Just When I Needed You Most"
Chapter 9: "Shape of My Heart"
Chapter 10: "Inside Out"
Chapter 11: "Clocks"
Chapter 12: "Gone For Good"
Chapter 13: "Cold Comfort"
Chapter 14: "Dads and Daughters"
Chapter 15: "Karma Police"
Chapter 16: "Castles in the Air"
Chapter 17/EPILOGUE: "The Rose"

Tags: comforting sounds, fic, tlou
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