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"You were my lesson I had to learn"

Reading bad fanfic makes me want to write.

Reading good fanfic makes me NOT want to write.

Is this normal, or bizarre?

I don't aspire to be a writer/artist as a career, and I don't feel the need to prove myself to anyone but myself. Truly. But part of me wishes to entertain, or to give someone the chills, or just to make them go "Whoa." To make a difference to them somehow, merely by expressing myself with words or with pencil strokes.

Will I ever start writing? Or will I keep filling this with unfocused ramblings about writing?

I need to go write in my REAL journal. Not my online one. My paper one. Because some things are way too private to post online, and I sorely neglect this valuable piece of myself in favor of online all too much these days.

P.S. I feel the need to watch Life as a House again. Like, soon. Maybe tonight.
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