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Title: Spectrum
Fandom: Star Wars
Prompt: for swficchallenge's Bonus Challenge - Miracles. I cheated a bit but... meh. We'll see if anyone yells at me there. Heh.
Rating: G
Word Count: 227
Characters: Unspecified. Oooooo a mystery!
Warnings: None.

Soon I will be one with the Force, and this is not how I’d envisioned my end. I was young, full of vitality and strength, the Force my constant ally. Now I’m old, weak, betrayed, abandoned. Irreparably broken in both body and spirit. There is no reason to fight. Only darkness awaits me in life, but in death... I can’t be certain. The dark seems to surround that as well. Am I interpreting this correctly? There should be light – peace and tranquility of such magnitude that the living cannot possibly fathom it in their corporeal state.

I reach out through the Force. But the Force is neither good nor bad, neither dark nor light, it just is. Why did I believe it would welcome me with light?

Something’s happening. What was dark now appears light. Life beckons me. It’s not my destiny to die this day after all! I’m no longer alone. Someone needs me here. I am comforted by a gentle touch. Someone is ensuring I do not succumb to the vast nothingness. I cling to this chance with newfound vehemence.

I feel pain again; such is the price of living. I can endure it. I have purpose once more -- I’m going to achieve great things. No one can break me now.

Thank you, Master. You’ve engineered a miracle. I will not let you down.

Tags: ?, fic, star wars
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