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The Last Jedi babble

Next time, I'm taking the goddamn day off work and going on Friday morning instead of Saturday! I really didn't have much spoiled, but to me, people's general reactions are spoilers, and it's annoying that they stick in my head while I'm watching. Ruins the purity of a first viewing. Perhaps I'm oversensitive. I'm definitely going to go see it several more times in the theatre.

I've been avoiding as much TLJ stuff as I can, and this time I'm going to babble before going back and reading any of it. I've only seen the movie once and I know I didn't catch everything, but this isn't a real review anyway.

I love space battles, but for some reason they confuse me. I wonder if this is connected in any way to the fact that I also suck at space battles in video games? Ha. I get the ships all mixed up. I know the Falcon, I know TIES and X-wings, and a star destroyer -- the rest get all jumbled up in my head. I've been watching Star Wars Rebels for years and I still can't recognize the Ghost. What's wrong with me?

The porgs are so damn cute. For some reason I thought they'd be more relevant to the story... guess I didn't need to avoid reading anything about porgs, huh? The "crystal critters" I already had an idea about, from Rebels :)

I loved Las Vegas Canto Bight! I want to read up on that now. Rose's comment about the worst people in the galaxy being there... awesome. At first I thought she just meant rich snobby people, but it's HOW they got that way.

Finn/Rose... eh. I take it they're supposed to be a thing? Seems forced, in an action movie sort of way, if that makes sense? I didn't feel it, as a romance, but I liked them together as friends, and in general, I like how Star Wars focuses on friendship rather than romantic relationships. Er... maybe not in the PT, so much.

But REYLO! Omg. To all the people who disparaged the pairing because they're RELATED, I say SUCK IT! Hehe. Unless Kylo lied about her parentage, which I suppose is possible, but why would the writers go that route? Really curious to see my brother's reaction -- he likes Finn/Rey. But Rey and Kylo have off-the-charts chemistry, imho. Really curious to see if she ~turns him back to the light~ or if they go a different route there.

And damnit, now I'm tempted to go read fic again. Reading derails my own writing though so I'm going to think on that more before diving into those waters. I wonder if people who have WIPs originating from TFA will now abandon those stories due to the new canon? Or will it go the other way... they have fresh inspiration from the new canon?

Leia... I would've loved to see a nice ending for her in this movie, but I wasn't expecting one since I'd heard that she was supposed to have a major role in Episode IX. I don't understand how she survived out there in space with no suit on or anything? The Force can help you breathe, I guess? [ETA: just read a discussion where it was mentioned that Kanan does this in Rebels. I SO don't remember that. Oops.] I liked the scenes she had with Poe -- and how Poe clearly took her words to heart later in the movie. D'awww.

BB-8 kicking some ass was awesome! BB-9E didn't have as big a role as I expected either, guess I didn't need to avoid reading about him :) Maybe in general I can relax my stance on that. I mean, if I get to go to the next Celebration, I'm sure they'll premiere a trailer for Ep IX, and I'll HAVE to watch it. I'll work on my fear before then, lol.

Loved the Rogue One vibe of how even the "good guys" do bad things. How the only way to stay away from the violence is to walk away from both sides. Of course, this is also portrayed as cowardice, every time Finn tries to run -- or it LOOKS like he's trying to run (not sure that running to protect Rey should count, and I don't think that was just a cover story).

Luke -- guh, I loved how cynical he was. How he didn't just welcome Rey with open arms (and how perfect that we've been waiting 2 years to see what he says to her on that mountain, and then he just flings the saber away and skulks off -- lolz). The things he said about the Jedi order... like, has he been reading the nerd discussions and fanfic? LOL. So spot-on. I suppose it was predictable that he ends up saying Rey will be a Jedi, though. Really interesting, that memory of him and Ben... how they both remember it so differently -- memory IS really tricky that way. I loved that.

And I'm an idiot, because I was like WTF when he walked out of all that blaster fire unscathed (LOVED Hux's "do you think you got him?" LOLOL). Oh and I thought the movie was going to end there, with him walking out to face his old pupil. Glad I was wrong about that! I kinda hate Luke's end... but I also kinda like it, how Rey described it as peaceful and purposeful. And it's really sad knowing none of the old trio will be in the next movie. Unless Force ghosts count? -Yoda was funny as hell! "Page-turners, they were not." Hee!

I want to see more of a pissing match between Hux and Kylo, with Snoke gone. That would be FUN :)

...Phasma's dead now, right? I guess in SW you never know... you can get cut in half and thrown down a shaft and still survive... I wish we could've seen more of her.

Rey and Poe at the end... are they setting up a pairing (or a triangle) there? Or are we just supposed to think that? What I really want to see is Stormpilot!

Oh, as for the actual ending, with the little kid -- OMG that was AWESOME. Made me cry, though I feel like that's an overreaction. It was like the perfect punctuation to the hope theme. And reinforces the "nobodies can be somebodies too" thing -- which is the real reason I wanted Rey's parents to be nobodies (I could've still shipped Reylo if they were cousins, cuz SW fandom has twincest, after all!), so yay.

I guess that's enough babbling... now, to fic or not to fic?

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