Lumy (luminations) wrote,

The Bargain

Title: The Bargain
Fandom: Star Wars
Prompt: written for swficchallenge's Challenge #10 - A Sith Lord doing the right thing.
Characters: Palpatine and an OC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 575
Warnings: None.

Chancellor Palpatine was a busy man. Those fortunate enough to be granted an audience with him were typically Senators and political committees, not lowly office workers. This girl had boldly worked her way into his schedule by nefarious means, and Palpatine agreed to the meeting to satisfy his curiosity about her.

She sat before him sporting an expression of wide-eyed innocence that didn't fool Palpatine for a second. Bree Lockheart, accounting clerk. A pretty girl, though not what most would consider beautiful. She did, however, have an air of ambition and determination about her that was more attractive to Palpatine than her physical features.

He listened patiently to her plea, but his mind was made up before she had even uttered a word. He could not be bothered to do favors for anyone who had nothing to offer him. He dismissed her with a polite smile, secretly vowing to punish the fool who had allowed her to waste his time.

Bree rose from her chair, but did not turn to leave. "Sir, I'm not done making my case yet," she said. "Forgive me, but I assume that... well, it must be rather..." A blush crept over her face. "Are you lonely, Chancellor?"

Now Palpatine was really amused. Two could play this game of mock innocence. "Lonely? My dear, I'm surrounded by other beings day and night. I haven't the time to be lonely."

"No, I meant... well, you're not married." The blush deepened. She walked around to his side of the desk and sat on the edge of it. A seductive smile spread across her face. She crossed her legs, causing her skirt to hike up a bit to reveal an indecent amount of thigh.

This girl had nerve. He was a healthy red-blooded male, and as such he was not entirely immune to her charms. Palpatine chuckled and leaned back in his chair, giving her an appraising look. "Miss Lockheart, really. What kind of man do you think I am?"

Bree licked her lips and leaned forward. "A powerful man," she purred. "A man above the law... it could be our little secret. I wouldn't tell a soul." She slid off the desk smoothly into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

A delightful shiver coursed through Palpatine. He could certainly have some fun with this one. "I don't think you know what you're getting yourself into, my dear." He spoke the truth; she most likely didn't realize that he would have to kill her after their tryst.

"Of course I do," she breathed, her lips hovering inches in front of his.

Palpatine smiled condescendingly. "I'm sorry, Miss Lockheart, but the answer is still no. Now kindly remove yourself from my lap, and I'll kindly forget that this meeting took place."

Bree was clearly stunned at not getting her way. Her face flushed in anger and humiliation. She did manage to compose herself after a moment, though. She stood abruptly, bid him good day, and walked out with her head held high.

Palpatine swiveled in his chair to face the window that overlooked a glorious view of Coruscant's Senate district. He gazed out over the city and reflected on this interesting development. He would definitely not forget their meeting. This girl could prove useful to him at some point -- it would be a shame to waste her as a sex toy.

The Sith Lord never spared a life without good cause.
Tags: fic, palpatine, star wars
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