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Yet another fic poll

But a quickie this time!

Poll #2056933 Fic warnings

How should warnings be handled for a fic that has warnings up the wazoo?

Post all applicable warnings for fic as a whole on the first chapter
Post all warnings in the first chapter, then warn for each specifically in each chapter where it occurs
Ask that if anyone wants to read but has concerns, to contact the author for more details or individualized warnings
It depends (please explain in comments)
dude, you forgot an option! (please explain in comments)

As a person who will read just about anything out there, I'm a little concerned that I might be insensitive when it comes to warning others of triggery or disturbing content. I would rather not spoil things in the story by over-warning, but maybe that's uncool of me. Does anyone have thoughts to share on this? Any insight from personal experiences, either as reader or author?

The warnings on the fic I'm worried about will probably scare off most would-be readers anyway. But still...

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