Lumy (luminations) wrote,


Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Obi-Wan, small!Anakin
Word Count: 265
Prompt: #96 Writer's Choice: Promise
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Obi-Wan stared blankly, his face devoid of the emotion that raged within him. He was a good Jedi; he would not allow his grief to overwhelm him. As the flames licked his Master’s lifeless form, he forced himself to replay ad nauseam in his mind: There is no death; there is the Force. He would never see his Master’s gentle smile again. Nor would he see that mischievous look on his face… or hear his deep voice intoning wise, reassuring words.

There is no death; there is the Force.

For one brief, insane moment, Obi-Wan longed to fling himself on the funeral pyre.

“What’s going to happen to me now?”

Obi-Wan blinked. The small boy next to him had unknowingly snapped him back to reality with his question. Perhaps Qui-Gon was already operating through the Force, reminding him of his promise. He needed to let go of his grief -- his attachment -- and focus on the living. On this boy... Anakin Skywalker, whom his Master had adamantly insisted was the prophesied Chosen One.

He managed a small smile that he hoped was reassuring. “The Council has given me permission to train you. You will be a Jedi, I promise,” he said kindly, placing a hand on the boy’s shoulder. He couldn’t allow Anakin to sense his reservations about training him, or that he was only doing so to honor his Master’s dying wish.

Obi-Wan looked out at the fire, his heavy heart laden with purpose. He’d never imagined that transitioning from Padawan to Master would be so bittersweet. Goodbye, Master. I won’t fail you.
Tags: anakin, fic, obi-wan, qui-gon, star wars
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