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It's happened...

My inner fangirl has come back from the dead!

I've liked plenty of media in recent years, but nothing has grabbed me enough to inspire fandom-y obsessiveness enthusiasm and creativity... until now. I was waiting for the new Star Wars stuff (Rebels & TFA) to kick my ass into gear, and when that didn't happen, I figured... that's it. I'm done. I'm Just Not That Into You anymore, fandom -- ANY fandom. The only ones I've really been active in are Star Wars and Harry Potter. Over time they fade away, it's only natural. This one will too, without care and feeding :) but hopefully not for a while. It's been growing over the course of a month or so and only getting stronger so I know it's "real."

My new love is The Last of Us -- a video game of all things! Though if anyone has played it they would HAVE to know there's something special about it; it has a great story, it's not just blow things up and kill people (though there's plenty of that too of course :D). I've played through all of it as well as the bonus stuff so now I'm free to wander around the interwebz without fear of being spoiled. Icons, wallpaper, books, soundtrack, playlists, discussion, wiki info, art, fic...I want it all! And the world it's set in is rife with creative possibilities.

I haven't found any sort of fandom presence here on LJ (there is a comm but hasn't been updated in ages and does not appear to have been very active) so I will scavenge elsewhere. I might have to *gasp!* make a account. After all these years! If I do write anything that's not godawful I will post it here for archival purposes and hey, maybe someone will stumble across it and I'll make a new friend? I am rusty so I expect godawfulness at first. But oh what fun!
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