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Star Wars marathons feed a fan's soul!

No clue how many people even look at this journal anymore since I stopped using LJ (except for doing jedi_news and I know lots have moved on from LJ themselves... but there's really no other appropriate place for me to post this, and I just want to post it for me :) Readers would be a lovely bonus?

I just finished the first SW marathon (saga only) I've had in several years. I used to do them once or twice a year but it's been probably 4 years now since I last did one, or even watched the movies. And now I feel a little of the excitement I felt in 2005-2006, at the peak of my SW obsession. This is a strange feeling for me because I've been in such a different headspace these last couple years. In fact, 2 years ago I couldn't remember why I liked Star Wars at all, or any other thing that I used to love, and that was pretty scary.

For some reason, doing this marathon... crying at the sad bits and even some not-sad bits that are still sad because of the impending doom and all... watching it all straight through with breaks only during the end credits, not being distracted by anything (and not falling asleep! Last time I remember dozing off during Empire and feeling guilty. And I got only 4 hours' sleep last night too. *pats self on back* *and thanks caffeine*)... all of it is unlike anything else I've felt with other fandoms or Real Life stuff, it's impossible to articulate. With my years of online fandom history, there are parts in the movies that remind me of old friends or old fic. Some RL stuff too but mostly online. All of that enhances the experience for me. I used to fear it would detract, but it doesn't at all.

Now I want to read & write fic again, and play Battlefront with my brother (maybe I can persuade him to give me his PS2 now that he has a PS4, and I could at least play on my own from time to time). I might even try watching The Clone Wars again. I only have 7 prompts left on my fanfic50 Anakin claim and I'm going to eventually finish that, dangit! Surely I can write 7 drabbles? That's only 700 words. I had already decided I would finish that somehow and at least now I have motivation. In between movies today during those end credits I jotted down fic ideas, most of which will probably never see the light of day. It's nice to HAVE ideas, though. You have no idea! And I know that even if I am able to write some stuff, it's not going to generate the same response it once did. That's okay. I remind myself that I do it for me. I think I'll look back through my old stuff before I begin.

Ahhhhhh I hope this high lasts at least one more day. I feel rejuvenated, and more like my old self... a double-edged sword, that, but for now I'm liking it :)
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