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Title: "Soundly"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine, mention of Palpatine/Plagueis
Prompt: fanfic50's #23 - Fight
Word Count: 467
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Post-coital reflections
Author's Notes: *pats self on back for finally posting a fic in 2012*

Anakin always slept blissfully in the Chancellor's bed. It was far more luxurious than his cot at the Jedi Temple, but the true comfort came from the happiness and peace he felt in the presence of his lover. He still could not believe sometimes that Palpatine, the most important man in the galaxy, belonged to him. They were opposites in some ways -- the Chancellor was so delicate that Anakin marveled at how their passionate love-making didn't split the man in two – but they complemented each other. Palpatine made him feel whole where he hadn’t even realized any pieces were missing. His frailty ignited protective feelings in Anakin more powerful than any he'd experienced in all his eighteen years, yet somehow Anakin was the one who felt safe.

The young Jedi held the elder man snugly against his chest and sighed contentedly. "Love you," he murmured drowsily into the thin white hair. Even though Palpatine was quiet, Anakin sensed that he was still awake. He wondered if Palpatine snored. They'd spent many a night together -- he should know this by now! It seemed that Palpatine always fell asleep after him and awoke before him, which made Anakin want to fight sleep just to witness his love in this most peaceful state.

But he was too tired and too comfortable, and sleep always won.


Anakin was so deliciously young. A few sweet words, a few romps in the sack, and he was utterly smitten. It never occurred to him that his sweet, mild-mannered lover could kill him in an instant.

Sidious knew better than to trust another being. Orgasm was the most vulnerability he allowed himself, and only because Anakin attributed the resulting dark Force sensations to his own power (a belief the Sith certainly did not discourage). He hadn’t truly slept since the only night Plagueis had invited him into his bed. It had been so unsatisfyingly simple; Sidious might as well have been murdering a helpless infant rather than a powerful Sith Lord. Ironically, Plagueis had been the one who had taught him other remedies for fatigue than sleep.

Contrary to the seductive drivel he spewed to the boy, Palpatine did not love him, nor did he value the notion of love as anything more than a tool with which to manipulate fools. Cuddling as a means of showing affection was an alien concept. And yet… lying here in bed with their naked bodies pressed close, warm and snug, his strength sapped from sex, Anakin’s heart beating in his ear soothingly… sleep did seem a formidable foe. It would feel so nice to just…

Anakin’s sleepy voice penetrated his subconscious and he realized the mistake he’d nearly made. A few quick Force-strokes later, Anakin was sleeping soundly enough that Palpatine could leave him, undetected.

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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