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He Will Kill You

Title: "He Will Kill You"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine, Plagueis
Prompt: swficchallenge's #2011-27: Ghosts ((originally posted here))
Word Count: 538
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Two Sith Lords have a little chat.
Author's Notes: I went with the "or otherwise" category of the prompt!

Dawn was Chancellor Palpatine's favorite time of day. From the private balcony adjoining his bedroom, he watched the night sky give way to day, signaling to the masses that it was time to rise. The air was chilly and Palpatine tightened his robe. He began to entertain thoughts of crawling back into his cozy cocoon of a bed... curling himself around the warm body of the Jedi who slumbered there... perhaps he'd have some breakfast in bed sent in...

He will kill you.

Palpatine scowled in annoyance at this intrusion. Unfortunately, death did not break Force bonds. And he'd learned it was impossible to ignore this whisper in the Force when it chose to speak to him, no matter how little he may have felt like acknowledging its presence. That may be, but he won't this morning.

Have you learned nothing from my mistake? Guard yourself, always.

Palpatine crept back into the bedroom, leaving the draperies parted just enough to navigate the room in the near darkness. The boy has yet to fully embrace the Dark Side. He's years away from learning I'm his sworn enemy. I do believe you are merely jealous, Master.

How ludicrous, Sidious. I am not jealous. I'm appalled at your judgment. There was no reason to bed him yet. It was a selfish indulgence on your part and your plans will suffer for it if you don't keep your distance.

Palpatine lowered himself into the living chair across from the bed. You make it sound like there's a danger of me falling in love with Anakin. Do you really think me such a sentimental fool after all these years?


Then you don't know me as well as you think.

I know you better than you know yourself. I know that at this moment, you are weak and you refuse to acknowledge it, and that makes you all the weaker. You will never be great if you don't confront your weakness.

I am already great! I've accomplished more than you ever did, and will go on to accomplish more still. Palpatine tried to stifle his next thought, for he knew better than to think it -- but the dead Sith still perceived it.

If you're waiting for me to shower you with praise for your accomplishments, you'll be waiting forever. You bask in your own glory too often as it is. But I will tell you this: I've never been prouder of you than the moment you killed me.

One day Anakin would hate him that much. His apprentice would curl up at night with only his fury to warm him, fantasizing about the day he'd finally kill Palpatine and inherit the galaxy.

Presently, the boy stirred. He stretched his arm out beside him. When he found nothing, he scanned the dim room, his gaze finally settling on the shadowy figure in the chair. "Hey, what're you doing over there? Come back to bed," drawled Anakin. He spread his arms enticingly. Welcomingly.

Palpatine rose. "I'm afraid I've lingered too long this morning; I must get to work." He could feel Anakin's disappointment as he purposefully crossed the room towards the door. "You just relax. I'll have the droids bring you your favorite breakfast."

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, plagueis, sidious, star wars
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