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Taking Advantage

Title: "Taking Advantage"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: something veronicaprof casually tossed my way ;)
Word Count: 2297
Rating: R
Summary: Palpatine is sick and Anakin plays nursemaid.
Author's Notes: It does get a bit graphic so if you're squeamish about this pairing, look away :D How it ended up being so LONG I have no idea. ETA: I should point out that while Anakin is a teenager here, I envision him as an older teenager. I like to put him at that age so the whole Padme thing doesn't get in the way. Anyway, in my head canon, the age of consent on Coruscant is sixteen.


I felt him coming, of course. Anakin's presence in the Force was unmistakable. He approached too quickly for me to attend to much personal grooming, but I did have time to expectorate, wipe my nose, and smooth my hair before he burst into the room. The look on the boy's face said my feeble attempts did little to improve my appearance. No matter; it wasn't my beauty that attracted him.

"Chancellor! Are you okay?" Anakin rushed to my bed and took my hand, clearly unfazed by the possibility of contagion. And with good reason: he'd never taken ill in his life.

"I've been a little under the weather," I informed him with a polite cough. Ever the frail old man in need of a dashing young Jedi's protection. "Nothing serious, I assure you."

Anakin wasn't convinced. He pressed his hand to my forehead. "You're burning up! Let me help you..." I could feel the concentrated healing Force energy working against my fever -- a valiant effort destined to bring only temporary relief. Nonetheless, I soon felt warmer, the aches dulled, and my body stopped its contradictory shivering and sweating.

"Thank you, dear boy." I rewarded him with a smile.

But Anakin frowned at me. "You should go to the hospital. Has your doctor even been here? How long have you been ill? Why didn't you tell me? I would have brought you some nerf noodle soup or something. When you told me you were in bed I thought--" Ah, I do so love when he blushes!

"You have a dirty mind," I teased him. "I do apologize if I deceived you. You were... undoubtedly expecting a different sort of evening?"

Anakin chuckled and looked away. "Um, yeah... I got hard on the way over here thinking about it." I had sensed his sexual excitement as well, though Anakin was such a virile being he was nearly always in some state of arousal.

"Well, now that you've cured me..." I knew of course that he hadn't. As if on cue, a sudden raspy cough overtook me.

Anakin winced. "I can't do that. I can treat certain symptoms but can't actually purge your system of the virus so it's not gonna last. Maybe my friend Barriss could, or her Master --"

I certainly didn't need a parade of Jedi in my bedroom. "That won't be necessary. The doctor believes this will run its course in a day or two and I'm taking medication. I can conduct business from this bed if I must. And my droids and servants tend to me satisfactorily. I simply need to rest." I refrained from mentioning that I could employ some Dark-side tricks should I recover too slowly for my liking.

Anakin kissed my lips gently. "I bet you'd enjoy my care more than theirs," he said flirtatiously. His selective hearing seemed to have ignored the part where I said I needed rest. "I can help that cough too..." He pressed his hand to my chest in a healing gesture while his lips pressed more firmly against mine. I kissed back chastely, though I was curious to see if he'd try to slip his tongue inside and risk finding phlegm; he apparently had similar thoughts because he was definitely holding back. Or perhaps he simply couldn't heal and kiss at the same time. "Feeling better?" he murmured.

"Mmmm," I affirmed. I did feel remarkably better, though still tired and weak. His hand moved down my abdomen and slid beneath the elastic of my pajama pants. I suppressed a sigh. Honestly, seducing the boy was the simplest method of earning his undying loyalty, but it was even more tiring than the illness. Anakin was insatiable! As for me... I passed my sexual prime long before he was born. If only he would play chess with me, I would find it much more enjoyable while still retaining the ability to subtly undo the teachings of the Jedi (quite difficult to progress on that front amidst all the sucking and moaning).

"So, I saw this holovid about a nurse taking advantage of his patient," Anakin said huskily, shifting on the bed to pull back the bedcovers and press his erection into my leg. He grasped my cock and gave it a few strokes. It remained flaccid.

I figured I might as well play with the boy a bit... I so enjoyed titillating him only to delay his release, or in this case to deny him entirely. "Did you? What did he do... suck him off and then fuck him senseless..." I knew the dirty talk would drive him crazy -- he'd said recently that he loved my 'prim and proper' voice and when such a voice said naughty words it was 'totally hot'. Predictably, he moaned and frantically started removing clothing, both mine and his. It took such little effort to excite him. It seemed I was constantly teaching him the art of foreplay, yet with each encounter he reverted to his natural state of frenzied passion.

Not that I didn't appreciate passion, mind you... but tonight I was in no mood for it. Curious to see if he'd notice my lack of interest, I lay still and observed. To his credit, Anakin slid down and took my limp penis in his mouth; at least he was trying to arouse me. And, thanks to my instruction and his own innate talents, the boy did give an excellent blowjob....

I debated drawing on the Dark Side to move matters along, as I had done on many occasions in the past. Artificial erections were never as good as the real thing in terms of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, but they were certainly useful in both pleasing Anakin and stroking his ego. He had actually believed me when I told him that he has a magical effect on me in that regard.

I decided to let him work for a while -- perhaps I would get hard without Force assistance. So far, though, he may as well have been sucking on my elbow. Oh, my cock twitched a few times, no doubt giving Anakin false hope, but eventually he pulled back in frustration and looked at me in utter bewilderment.

"Doesn't that feel good at all?" he inquired, sounding quite like a petulant child.

"Of course it does." Only a partial lie, really. Physically, the act may not have done much, but mentally I still found it highly pleasurable to witness my natural enemy performing oral sex on me -- and what an aesthetically-pleasing specimen he was to behold. "Must be the virus."

Anakin slumped in defeat, his face near my groin, glaring at my offending penis. "You said you'd always want me," he whined. "No matter what. That I was like magic to you and we have this special bond and... I guess that's not true."

Dearly departed Sith Lords, could this boy be exasperating! His reaction was predictable, though I admit I had hoped to see more maturity from him. Perhaps I had spoiled him too much, allowing him to eventually have his way more often than not. "Come up here and cuddle with me."

Anakin sighed but obeyed, nuzzling my neck as I wrapped my arms around him, his erection still rubbing insistently against my leg. Truth be told I found no comfort in 'cuddling,' but, affection-starved as Anakin was, I had found it a great tool to convince him of my presumed feelings for him.

"I do always want you. If I were thirty or forty years younger, the frequency of my erections would no doubt rival yours." That was a stretch, of course; not even my Master was as sexual a being as Anakin. But the best lies were the ones that contained grains of truth. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm quite a bit older than you. My body is too busy fighting disease to bother with sex at the moment, it would seem."

"But you said you felt better!"

"Better, yes, though still rather weak."

"That's why I was gonna do everything and you could just... you know, lay back and enjoy it."

I could point out that this 'selfless' gesture wasn't quite as noble as it seemed to be in his mind, but at this stage of the game I let the Jedi be the ones to tear him down whilst I picked up the pieces. It wouldn't do to reverse roles. No, a different tactic was in order here. "I truly appreciate that. You're such a caring young man. Sometimes I wonder..." I let my voice trail off as if I were contemplating what to say next, whether I should share my innermost thoughts and fears or not.

It had the desired effect of piquing Anakin's curiosity. "What? You know you can tell me anything, sir. What do you wonder?" (Yes, even though we are now intimately acquainted, Anakin still calls me 'sir.' I don't mind.)

I pause another moment for dramatic effect. "I wonder... if it's selfish of me to be with you. If I shouldn't set you free so that you may pursue someone closer to your own age."

Anakin was predictably horrified at the idea. "What?! No! I don't want anyone else! You can't leave me!"

Was he going to cry? That would be fine... I would stroke his hair and utter soothing words to calm and reassure him. The Jedi would have him release his sadness into the Force without addressing the underlying issue. Both were necessary in the grand scheme of things, really, for every failure of the Jedi led him closer to becoming the Sith he was meant to be.

But he did not cry. He clung to me as if I might leave him this very instant.

"I didn't say I would leave you," I reminded him gently. "I will never leave you, dear boy. But should you tire of me..."

"Never!" cried Anakin. "I think you've got it backwards. I'm lucky you'll have me. You're Supreme Chancellor, you could have anyone you want and... and you pick me. A teenager."

It was sweet how Anakin always assumed I was faithful to him. I had made it clear from the beginning that if he wanted to make that transition from friend to lover, he had to know what he was getting himself into, and one thing I demanded was absolute fidelity. He would be mine and no one else's. Doe-eyed innocent that he was, he eagerly agreed, and seemed to relish the idea, even -- though of course he was also in a hurry to proceed to the sexual relations part of the deal. He had not asked for the same kind of loyalty from me in return. It wasn't that he didn't care if I took other lovers or not... no, his jealousy raged at the slightest perceived betrayal, and I of course used that to my advantage. Curiously, though, I had only engaged in harmless flirtations with others since taking Anakin into my bed....

"Your age makes no difference to me," I cooed. "You're special. I've never met anyone like you, never felt as connected to anyone else. That's why it pains me that I let you down tonight."

"You didn't," said Anakin, and now I could feel some guilt emanating from him. "It's me who should be sorry. You've been sick and I was horny and... I'm sorry. I'll just get rid of this." He gestured at his erection.

"Not through the Force you won't," I chided him. He knew I disapproved of the Jedi practice of releasing all feelings, including sexual ones.

"Just this one time? Then we can just talk and stuff and it won't get in the way."

I wasn't particularly in the mood to talk, either. I just wanted to sleep. Anakin was usually in some state of sleep deprivation himself and if I allowed him to have an orgasm, he would undoubtedly fall asleep faster than I.

"No. You won't feel satisfied that way."

"I guess I could go jerk off in your shower..."

That had possibilities. I might even fall asleep before he returned: problem solved. But... I preferred for him to gain satisfaction through me. Perhaps it was my manipulative nature, wanting him to associate such pleasure with myself if at all possible and thus bind him to me romantically, for he was romantic to the point of foolishness... or perhaps it was my masculinity, yearning for reassurance that I could still satisfy a lover of mine. I preferred to believe the former.

As he started to rise from the bed, I pulled him back to me. "No, I want you inside me."

Anakin was happily surprised by that. "You do? Are you sure?"

"Yes. Fuck me, Anakin." I pulled his face to mine and kissed those glorious full lips, this time parting my mouth so that our tongues could meet. Anakin needed no further convincing and he scrambled to get the lubricant from my bedside table. It would still hurt, it always did... but I could withstand pain quite well. And I might even enjoy it a little if... "Why don't you try sucking me again first."

He looked a bit dubious at that, but ever the dutiful lover, he complied with my request. In his heightened state of arousal he didn't even notice the flicker of Dark at work, he only noticed that this time my cock swelled in his mouth. Tangible proof that I did want him.

The delight in his face was... actually quite wonderful to behold. His gaze met mine and I smiled at him. Much to my surprise, it was a genuine, heartfelt smile. In retrospect, I conclude it must have been the delirium of my fever returning.

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