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Terms of Endearment

Title: "Terms of Endearment"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: swficchallenge's #2011-15: Wedding. ((Originally posted here)) And I will apply it to fanfic50's #30: Fade.
Word Count: 909
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Pillow talk...sorta.
Author's Notes: Nothing graphic.


”I, Anakin, take you… uh… Chancellor, er, no, I mean, Sir…no…”

Anakin Skywalker frowned. There he was, lounging in Chancellor Palpatine’s bed after yet another mind-blowing orgasm, and he couldn’t even have a proper wedding fantasy. His cheek rested on the older man’s chest, and he could feel Palpatine’s breathing slow in prelude to sleep.

Anakin sighed loudly in the hope of prompting a response. Palpatine could sleep later! The Chancellor stirred but didn’t ask him what was wrong. At least he wasn’t fast asleep yet.

“Sir, we’ve been together a long time now,” he began, trying not to sound terribly whiny. “I love you and you say you love me. I’ve told you things I’ve never told another living soul. When are you gonna tell me your name?”

Palpatine chuckled. “You already know my name. The whole galaxy knows my name.”

“Noooooooooo, your first name, silly!” Palpatine could be so exasperating!

“Oh, that. Why can’t you address me by some saccharine term of endearment that appeals to you?”

“Like how I call you ‘sweetie’ sometimes? That’s nice and all but… well, what’s the big deal about your name? Why does no one know it? It’s like you’re trying to hide something. I guess that’s standard for politicians” – he paused long enough here to flash the Chancellor a cheeky grin – “but you and I… we shouldn’t have secrets from each other. I tell you everything. Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I do. You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I’m simply more private than you are, Anakin.” Palpatine squeezed him tight and kissed his temple. The simple gesture filled Anakin with warmth and happiness, and it reminded him that he could feel Palpatine’s love for him even if the secret-sharing was unbalanced between them. Maybe he was making too big a deal out of this name thing. After all, the media didn’t seem to think there was anything suspicious about not knowing his full name.


Anakin sighed again. “I just don’t get why it’s a secret, or why you can’t at least tell me. Is it some terrible horrible name you’re ashamed of like… Poodoo or something? Ha ha!” He lifted his head to gauge Palpatine’s reaction to his little joke. His lover was glaring at him sternly but Anakin could tell he wasn’t truly annoyed.

“If I must have another name to satisfy some itch of yours that needs scratching –“

“Um, no, I think you’ve scratched them all now!”

That remark earned Anakin a smile. “Be that as it may, you may call me Poodoo if you so desire.”

“Ha ha, really? But that’s so mean! I wanna know your REAL NAME. Please? Do you want me to beg? I can beg! I’ll get down on my knees if you want –“

He started scrambling to get out of bed to do just that, but Palpatine stopped him. “Don’t be ridiculous. My name is Palpatine. End of discussion.”

”I, Anakin, take you, Palpatine…”

“But if we got married, wouldn’t my last name be Palpatine? Unless you wanted to become ‘Palpatine Skywalker’ – then you’d have two names, huh.” The words tumbled out before Anakin even realized he was speaking aloud, but soon his thoughts caught up to his mouth and he buried his face in Palpatine’s neck, embarrassed. “Er… not that you and me will get married, Sir, I was just, um… giving an example of where you need a first name and stuff. I’m still a Jedi Padawan so it’s not like I can really get married right now anyway, unless maybe we didn’t tell anyone… but you probably think eighteen is too young even though I know it’s not but uh… yeah. I’ll just shut up now.”

Well, Palpatine wasn’t throwing him out of the bed in horror, so that was good. But he remained quiet a few moments and the young Jedi couldn’t seem to get a Force-read on what he was feeling.

Anakin couldn’t stand the silence. “Say something. Please?”

“I’m quite tired. Let’s have this discussion at some other time.”

Not what he wanted to hear. “Oh Force. I just mucked it all up, didn’t I. You don’t want to marry me and now you think—“

“That’s not what I said,” Palpatine interrupted him gently. “And if that was a marriage proposal, your technique leaves much to be desired.”

Wait… what? Did Palpatine want him to propose? He was so confused! “Um…”

Palpatine laughed at his bewilderment. “Relax. I’m only teasing you. Good night, Anakin; we’ll discuss this later.”

“But you do love me, right?” The reassurance he’d received earlier had faded in light of his mistake, and he just had to hear the words now or he’d never be able to sleep.

“That I do. I love you more than life itself, sweetheart. Sweet dreams.”

“Love you, too. G’night.” Anakin settled into a more comfortable position and accepted that no more would be said tonight. Sleep found Anakin sooner than expected, and it began pleasantly enough with the sweet dreams the Chancellor had told him to have… but soon the Dark took hold, and Anakin was chasing after Palpatine through an endless fog, the older man somehow always just out of sight, out of reach… an unsettling feeling of danger thicker than the fog hung in the air between them and when Anakin frantically called out to him, his voice was swallowed by something… something mysteriously incomprehensible.

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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