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Title: "Voyeur"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: swficchallenge's #2010-27: Water (originally posted here)
Word Count: 206
Rating: R
Summary: Shower!
Author's Notes: :D

The frosted glass walls blurred the features of the naked body housed within, but simply knowing what beauty lay behind the shower door was enough to arouse him as he watched. The pleasant sound of hot water pounding bare flesh mingled with cheerful off-key singing. He recognized the tune: a love song. He’s singing that because of me. Because of last night. His heart fluttered unexpectedly at the thought. Now should he join his lover or continue to enjoy the view unannounced? Both options were certain to lead to another tumble in the sheets. The longer he yearned for that exquisite wet body, the greater the payoff would be.

But patience was a Jedi tenet, was it not? And the lustful thoughts that swarmed his brain unbidden were most unbecoming of a Jedi. He smirked at the thought. Decision made.

Before he even took a step, however, the door opened, bringing the naked blur to crystal-clear focus. Piercing blue eyes observed his erection before meeting his gaze with a knowing wink.

“Care to join me, Anakin, or are you just going to stand there?” cooed Palpatine, quite unconcerned about the water now pooling on his marble floor. “I could use your help with my back side…”

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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