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Afternoon Delight

Title: "Afternoon Delight"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: swficchallenge's Challenge 2010-18: Seduction (Originally posted here)
Word Count: 1859
Rating: R
Summary: A sort of reverse-reverse seduction, if you will.
Author's Notes: This is fluffy crack. Or cracky fluff.

Anakin sauntered into Chancellor Palpatine's office as he'd done many times before. So many times, in fact, that the aides didn't seem to buy the "official Jedi business" line anymore, if they ever had to begin with! It was too late for lunch and too early for supper, but a Jedi Padawan took advantage of his spare time whenever he could grab it. Besides, Anakin didn't have food on his mind this afternoon.

The Chancellor always made time for him, even if he kept scheduled appointments waiting to do so. That fact alone was enough to make Anakin hard. Today was no exception. (He did offer the delegation from Chandrila a fake apologetic smile as he passed them in the anteroom.)

Palpatine was absorbed in something on a datapad, frowning in concentration as he peered through his spectacles, looking absolutely adorable to Anakin's love-struck eyes. The Chancellor looked up at Anakin and greeted him with a smile. "Hello, Anakin! What a pleasant surprise this is."

Anakin approached the desk, grinning broadly. "Too bad it can't be a total surprise since they always announce me. One of these days I'll sneak in here... you'll come to work in the morning and find me naked on your desk!"

"Is that a promise?" Palpatine grinned back. He didn't even pretend to be scandalized at the thought.

In a flashy maneuver meant to impress the other man, Anakin leapt over the desk rather than taking the usual path around it, then straddled the Chancellor's plush lap. "I promise," he said huskily before giving Palpatine the proper mouth-to-mouth greeting. "I'm not wearing anything under this," he breathed against the Chancellor's lips.

Palpatine chuckled. "Under the several layers of tunics you're wearing, you mean?"

Anakin pretended to be wounded at the teasing. "Well, I'm not wearing underwear, anyway..."

"Indeed? I may have to determine the accuracy of that statement myself." As the Chancellor's hands wandered over his body and unfastened its trappings, Anakin playfully snatched the glasses off his nose and tried them on himself. With effort, he donned his best 'snobby' expression. "Do I look as smart and sophisticated as you now?"

He was rewarded with another laugh from Palpatine. "You're far more handsome than I."

"That doesn't answer the question!" cried Anakin in mock anger. "Do I look... studious?"

"Yes, Anakin."

"You don't sound like you mean it!"

"It's difficult to find you 'studious' when you come in here intending to seduce me."

Anakin giggled. "I do kinda seduce you a lot, huh. Hey... I just got an idea! Why don't you be the one that seduces me?"

Palpatine snickered. "I seduce you with words, dear boy. You seduce me with this luscious body of yours. Mmmm." He leaned forward to flick his tongue over the nipple he'd just managed to expose.

Anakin resisted the urge to melt under that tongue, those deft hands... he jumped backwards off the Chancellor's lap. "No! This time you seduce me with your body. I'll sit at your desk and act like I'm you and you come in here like you're me and you have to distract me from my very important work which I'll pretend I care about so much that you have to do stuff to get my attention!"

Palpatine quirked an eyebrow. "What would you have me do, a strip tease?"

"If you want!" said Anakin enthusiastically. "That would be hot!"

Palpatine snorted. "I doubt it. By the time I got to the innermost layer you'd be bored to tears. Even if you weren't, my wrinkly old body is hardly enticing enough to--"

"I love your body exactly how it is!" Anakin interrupted. He hated when Palpatine made remarks about being undesirable due to age. Time to turn on that irresistible whine. "Oh come on, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease? It would be so fun! We could end with desk sex! So hot! Please please please?!"

Palpatine sighed. "All right, if that's what you want. But don't re-dress yourself and undo the work I've already done," he added teasingly.

"Yay! Okay, I'll stay disheveled," Anakin agreed, pleased as always to have gotten his way.

Palpatine rose and swept across the room towards the door to make his 'entrance'. Anakin sank into the vacated chair, arranging his tunics as modestly as he could without tying or fastening anything (the drawstring was undone but at least he still had his pants on). He grabbed the datapad the Chancellor had set aside. Still sporting the Chancellor's eyewear, he frowned down at the screen the way his lover had earlier. Much to Anakin's disappointment, the screensaver of Naboo landscapes did not disappear when he pressed the buttons. He'd always wondered if the Chancellor secretly surfed the HoloNet for porn (a direct question on the subject had yielded an unsatisfactory answer) and this would have been a prime opportunity to find out. He could probably hack his way in there if he had the time to tinker with it, but right now he had more important things to think about. Like making Palpatine feel as sexy as Anakin knew him to be!

Palpatine didn't exactly saunter across the room... more like, he swished. Anakin sneaked a peek over the half moon spectacles, then quickly looked back at the lake on the screen. It was already difficult to keep frowning and knitting his brow: Palpatine trying to imitate his walk and facial expressions made him want to laugh! He bit his lip instead.

"Hello, Chancellor," cooed Palpatine, resting his hands on the edge of the desk and leaning slightly forward.

Oh! He'd given Anakin his title! He liked the sound of that and it did help him settle into the role a bit. He kept his gaze on the datapad. "Anakin, I'm busy," he snapped. "What do you want?"

Palpatine reached over to tilt Anakin's chin up in an effort to make eye contact. "You," he replied silkily. How the other man managed to drape that one syllable with so much sexiness, Anakin had no idea. He swallowed in mock nervousness and stubbornly refused to look up into those lust-filled blue eyes that mirrored his own.

"I don't... uh... I don't know what you mean, young man. Stop this nonsense at once." Anakin attempted to sound irritated but he was fighting amusement as well as desire.

Palpatine carefully removed the spectacles and laid them on the desk. "You know exactly what I mean, Chancellor. You work too hard." He grabbed Anakin's tunics and pulled him closer, so that their faces were mere inches apart. "Let me help you relax."

Anakin didn't resist when Palpatine pressed his lips to his, nor did he resist when Palpatine's tongue slithered through. The kiss was slow and sultry and damn arousing. A moan rose in his throat and he pulled away. "Anakin! Really!" cried Anakin, surprised at how indignant he'd made his voice sound.

Palpatine withdrew, smirking as he began to undress himself. "Really? Really what?" he purred.

Anakin wiped his mouth on the back of his hand as if the kiss had been an unwelcome assault. (Belatedly, he realized the Chancellor would probably have used some fancy handkerchief to do that.) "I'm really too busy right now to play your games, Anakin. Do you think the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic has time to um... to indulge your schoolboy fantasies?"

"I know he does," replied the Chancellor smugly. He tossed his top robe onto the floor with a dramatic flourish of hand. Had any of his skin actually been revealed in the act, it might have been sexy, but the man was still quite fully dressed.

"Look," began Anakin patiently, stifling a smile, "you're cute and all, but I'm doing very important Chancellor stuff here. The fate of the galaxy is in my hands!"

Palpatine smirked again (looking quite like Anakin as he did so, Anakin thought) and finally took the offending datapad away. "There, now your hands are free for more pleasurable pursuits." And with that, Palpatine climbed onto the desk. He sat on the edge and swung his leg around, sending desk contents clattering to the floor. That was something Anakin had always wanted to do himself but never quite dared!

It would have been a little sexier if the Chancellor hadn't grimaced while doing it. He stretched out on his side, leaning on his elbow in a traditionally sexy pose, waggling his eyebrows at Anakin suggestively but still wincing a bit.

Still... it was hot, Palpatine sprawling before him like this, wordlessly inviting him to ravish his body. Anakin didn't like thinking the older man might be in pain, though. Maybe he should end this ridiculous scenario so he could ensure Palpatine was more comfortable...

"I'm not wearing anything under this," cooed Palpatine, running his free hand over his still-very-clothed body.

Ridiculous scenario indeed! Anakin couldn't help it, he finally burst out laughing, effectively ruining the mood of the roleplay.

Palpatine had to laugh with him, but he swatted at Anakin playfully. "We were doing so well!"

Anakin calmed down enough to deliver an affectionate kiss before agreeing. "You did a really good job! You were so sexy I don't think I woulda lasted much longer anyway."

Palpatine grinned. "You certainly played the stuffy old politician quite convincingly. Is that how you viewed me before we began this affair?"

"Of course not, silly! I was exaggerating!" Anakin gently pushed the Chancellor over on his back and climbed on top of him, knocking more desk items to the floor. "Oops -- you don't mind, do you?"

In response, Palpatine grabbed Anakin's waist and finally slid his pants down. He wrapped his hand around the rock-hard cock he'd just freed and began stroking it firmly. He was rewarded with an appreciative moan from the young Jedi. Palpatine asked in his most lascivious tone, "Are you going to fuck me on this desk or not, my boy?"

Anakin moaned even louder. Palpatine was so hot, he didn't need to put on seductive airs! But he still wanted to make the older man as comfortable as possible. He Force-pulled the discarded robe over to them, then tucked it under Palpatine's head so he wouldn't be banging it into the wood. He kissed the Chancellor hungrily and his hands set to the task of disrobing him enough to have sex. If he let Palpatine lie on the many layers of robes instead of tossing them all aside (as he did with his own clothing), that would hopefully be enough padding between man and desk. Anakin pressed his erection into the soft velvet as he worked, his weight bearing down, making it impossible for Palpatine to keep stroking him -- a good thing, since he didn't want to come yet and he was already quite worked up!

When Anakin finally uncovered Palpatine's trousers, he reached into the right pocket and found the little tube of lubrication he sought... the tube that was always conveniently there when he needed it. He stopped kissing Palpatine long enough to grin at him in delight. The Chancellor returned the grin. "Yes, Anakin, I'm always prepared for your surprise visits. Now fuck me already!"

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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