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Okay, I'm tired of pointing out the fact that these are "reposts from the comm" - I just feel a little weird since normally I would post here at the same time as in a comm, and thus each fic would only get linked to once in jedi_news, because it's obviously crossposted. It's not so obvious when it's done on different days. But if it gets linked twice, whatever, you guys can think I'm an attention whore... it's not a false assumption, really!

Title: "Heroes"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Beru and baby Luke
Prompt: swficchallenge's #2010-08: Beru & Padmé. Originally posted in the comm here.
Word Count: 735
Rating: G
Summary: Beru sits with newborn Luke.
Author's Notes: I didn't cheat! Padmé is indeed mentioned, and that's all that the challenge required!

Beru looked down at the sleeping infant and smiled. His little chest rose and fell, nearly imperceptibly, and if she leaned in close she could hear his soft breathing – yes, he was still alive. He had apparently decided to sleep through the 0200 feeding tonight. Beru should have taken advantage and done the same, but her internal chrono had woken her, and then she’d felt a strange sense of panic when she hadn’t heard the familiar hunger cry.

She sat next to the basket that served as a bassinet and adjusted Luke’s blanket. Before they knew it, he would outgrow this and require a regular crib. Owen was sure he could build one for less than half the cost of buying one. He probably could; Owen was good at such things. She knew he’d be good with Luke as well if he would just spend a little more time with him.

But of course, he had the fields to look after, and now that she couldn’t help, he’d probably have to hire some help, or maybe buy a droid. Things would be tight for a while. And they hadn’t had the luxury of nine standard months to prepare for Luke’s arrival, either!

She wondered what plans Padmé had had for him. To carry the child of a Jedi… she must have been afraid the Jedi would take him away from her. Shmi had said that was the way of the Jedi, to take children away from their families as soon as they found them, the younger the better. For Anakin to begin his training at age nine was remarkable. According to the Jedi that took him, anyway.

Well, Beru wouldn’t have to worry about that now with Luke. Obi-Wan Kenobi had been reluctant to disclose many of the details surrounding the baby’s arrival on Tatooine. He did say that he would be living nearby and that he would come visit. She knew that Owen planned to pump him for as much information as he could when he did return… but to what end? Little Luke didn’t need to know what had happened. None of it mattered now.

He’s ours, she thought, still amazed at the concept. This helpless little baby depended on them to take care of his every need -- and they hadn’t even given him a proper name yet. ‘Luke’ was the name Padmé had given him, and though it hadn’t been registered officially anywhere, she and Owen both liked the name and saw no reason to change it.

It was the last name that caused dissension.

She was leaning towards ‘Skywalker.’ It was the family connection to Anakin that had brought Luke to them, and besides, it felt right that Shmi’s grandson should bear her name. Lovely, capable Shmi, who died long before her time, buried just outside these walls. It was a terrible shame that she never met her grandchild.

Beru knew that Owen wanted a son to carry on the Lars name, but Luke was not their biological son. They would raise him and love him as if he were, but he should grow up knowing who his real parents were, that they were heroes in the war right up until their tragic deaths. She and Owen hadn’t been trying to conceive for very long; there was still plenty of time to have all the children they wanted who would bear the name Lars.

The baby began to stir. He made a noise that sounded like a soft whine before stuffing his fist in his mouth. Beru smiled down at him fondly; she reckoned little Luke wouldn’t much care if his last name was Poodoo, as long as she kept feeding him and changing him.

“Hungry at last? Hold on, little guy, Auntie will be right back. Don’t go anywhere,” she quipped as she rose to her feet. Luke was too young to roll his eyes at her for that one. Instead, he began to cry in earnest, and she hurried off to warm his bottle, thankful that Owen slept like the dead and wouldn’t be disturbed.

When Luke was happily settled in her arms with his bottle, Beru studied his sweet little face. “Luke Skywalker,” she said, trying out the name. “It has a nice flow to it, don’t you think?”

Luke didn’t answer her, but she was sure she felt something spiritual reverberate in the still room.

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