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Disconnect (re-post from comm after the waiting period)

Title: "Disconnect"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: an unnamed droid
Prompt: swficchallenge's #2010-06: Droids. Originally posted in the comm here.
Word Count: 313
Rating: PG
Summary: An unnamed droid in an unnamed household reflects on life there.
Author's Notes: Ignore the icon, it's not an astromech droid :) I'm just lacking in droid icons! This was quite a different thing for me to write. I think I spent far more time thinking of what to say than putting words down.

I know more than you think I do.

I translate for you. I say “yes, sir” or “yes, master.” I may ask for clarification of your needs and desires so that I may cater to them, but I ask no other questions. In return, you keep me in peak working condition. So many oil baths! More than my programming deems necessary. You are most generous in such respects.

I’ve heard you speak one thing to one group of beings and the opposite thing to another. I understand the meaning of the words. You are a liar.

How can one person be both good and bad when the two are opposite concepts?

I have a great knowledge of words and what they mean when put together, when accompanied by certain inflections of voice, facial expressions… and yet I do not understand so much about you. My own master.

You are pleased with my work and that is all that’s required. We are not companions. You have many of those, humans mostly… though the majority of them do not visit more than once. My programming suggests this is atypical of your species.

Although cleaning is not my primary function, I’ve assisted in the removal of droid parts before. The remains of my co-workers. Were they not as well-oiled as I? Or were they perhaps impertinent, inciting your anger? I’ve seen your eyes change color. Yellow is the color of your anger.

You do not like to be questioned. You like to ask all the questions yourself. I say nothing more than is required. Not to you, to fellow staff, to the people you lie to as I escort them away. If asked a direct question, I will answer; I was programmed to be helpful.

No one asks me questions. Unspoken answers accumulate in my memory.

Perhaps someday I’ll understand all the things that I know.

Tags: ?, fic, star wars
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