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Title: "Delicious"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine (though it could be considered one-sided/unrequited)
Prompt: fanfic50's #2 - Nothing
Word Count: 842
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Anakin and Palpatine have dinner. (why do I feel like I'm writing a children's series with these trite summaries? "Ani and Palpy play Candyland, Ani and Palpy go to the beach...")
Author's Notes: Unsatisfied with my last fluffy Palpakin endeavor, I decided to quit thinking of Sim!Palpy get back to something more "real" in regards to these two. One possible interpretation of the 'ship, anyway!

Anakin swallowed a bite of… some fancy imported Nubian dish (he’d already forgotten its name) and smiled politely at the Chancellor. “It’s excellent, Sir.” It wasn’t a lie. The sauce was a little rich for his taste, and truth be told, he’d rather be stuffing down a nice hearty nerfsteak, but it was tender and it tasted all right.

“It’s palatable.” Chancellor Palpatine smiled back knowingly as he picked at his plate. “Perhaps a bit delicate for your taste?”

Anakin chuckled. “It’s fine,” he insisted, hoping not to offend. How does he do that? And he’d done it before. Palpatine could read his thoughts as easily as any Jedi, it seemed. Anakin figured that such perception helped him greatly in his political career, but it was unnerving.

Palpatine took another bite -- an especially sauce-laden bite which resulted in a rivulet of darkness on his pale chin.

Anakin waited for him to wipe it with his napkin.

He did not.

Suddenly Anakin’s mind flashed as if to a memory, only what he saw had never happened: he leaned over and licked the wayward sauce off his companion’s face, and then he kissed him, kissed those thin lips that hesitated only a moment before opening for him, kissed him so passionately that he left Palpatine breathless! And then he climbed into the older man’s lap and pressed his—

Palpatine patted delicately at his face with all the refinement of one born of privilege. Anakin snapped out of his… fantasy? Whatever the hell that was! He felt his face burn in shame for his thoughts and he had to look away.

“Anakin? What is it, son?”

He knows he knows HE KNOWS! thought Anakin helplessly. But no, no… he couldn’t possibly know. Palpatine was not a mind reader or even a Force--sensitive. If any of that unbidden lust had seeped into the Force, Palpatine wouldn’t have felt it. Perceptive though he was, there was no way he could know, no way a man of his class would even be capable of comprehending such base desires…

No – not desires. He was not attracted to Palpatine. Not in that way! I love Padmé, he reminded himself fiercely. She was the sole object of such affections.

Feeling calmer now, Anakin shook his head. He still couldn’t look at the Chancellor, but he attempted to make his voice sound confident and reassuring. “It’s nothing, Sir.” Should he say he got a little lightheaded or would that worry Palpatine needlessly? He speared a large bite of meat and stuffed it in his mouth so he could collect his thoughts for another moment.

But Palpatine made it easy for him. “You must be exhausted with that rigorous schedule you keep. After dinner you should rest a while in the sitting room.”

Grateful not to be pressed for further explanation, Anakin nodded, keeping his gaze guiltily on his plate. “That’d be great. Thank you.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The meal was adequately prepared, if a bit bland. But oh, how delicious it was to watch his future apprentice’s face as the lascivious thoughts danced through his mind! The maestro keenly observed the effects of his brief composition, mere moments in length (the situation required no more, and in fact it was all he dared endeavor this early in the game). The Jedi power of Force suggestion paled in comparison to this Sithly technique, and the beauty of it was that Anakin hadn’t any idea such methods existed!

First the lust overtook his young companion -- a sudden flaring passion more powerful than any other Jedi would dare allow himself to feel. Truly exquisite to behold in the Force. Then as Palpatine let the images fade away, guilt and shame and even horror battled in Anakin’s mind, along with a desperate desire not to let any of it show. The boy was confused and had no idea what to feel, and it all played through the Force and across his countenance like a symphony. Either Anakin was exceedingly horrible at shielding his emotions the way all Jedi were taught, or he simply didn’t bother to do so in the presence of one he believed to be a non-Force-user. Palpatine would fine-tune this instrument to his fancy in time, but for now, he had the luxury of simply savoring the raw bundle of potential that was Anakin Skywalker.

Palpatine had no intention of replacing Padmé in the boy’s life; she served his purposes well. But why should she be the only one who enjoys him intimately? Palpatine could take him to heights that simpleton could never reach. The next time Anakin saw her -- touched her, kissed her – he’d think of Palpatine and his little “fantasy” tonight. And the next time he saw Palpatine, he’d have another such fantasy. Perhaps this one could be a bit more involved, since Anakin had reacted so favorably to the first innocent scenario.

It was only a matter of time before the young Jedi would be writhing in his bed, begging the Sith Lord for more.

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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