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Snake in the Grass

Title: "Snake In The Grass"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Palpatine, young!Anakin
Prompt: swficchallenge's Prompt #2010-01: Come out and play; fanfic50's #11 - Defy
Word Count: 339
Rating: G
Summary: Anakin visits the Chancellor. (...why do I feel like this description fits a lot of my fics, hmmmmm!)
Author's notes: If this looks familiar, you probably read it when I first posted it in the comm; I was just waiting for the challenge to be over to post it here, at mod's request. And I over-waited a little :)

When the comlink announced little Anakin's arrival, Chancellor Palpatine switched off the HoloNews and sighed. "I told you to send him up," he chastised the device.

An awkward pause. "He doesn't want to come up, Sir, he wants you to come down. To... 'come out and play', to be exact."

What sort of rubbish was this? As if he were a child to be beckoned out to the street for a game! Palpatine had other plans for Anakin today. He had fallen into a comfortable routine of mentoring the lad in the comfort of his spacious apartments. "Nonsense! Send him up at once."

The voice that answered did not belong to the nervous guard, but to young Skywalker himself, who babbled excitedly without fear of reprimand. "Chancellor Sir, you're always saying we can do whatever I want when I come to your house. But we're always inside! It's so nice out, can't we just this once go play in Coruscant Park? Please? Master Obi-Wan won't let me 'cause he says parks are for meditation. But I know they play ball there. I miss playing with my friends back home. I don't have lessons today and you don't have work so it's like we're meant to go have fun, don'tcha think?"

Fun. To Palpatine, the concept had a meaning foreign to most beings. Fun was watching the HoloNews serve up his propaganda, as well as analyzing the faces and voices of the news anchors for signs of disloyalty. Fun was dealing with the traitors such scrutiny produced. And... yes, fun was indulging the young boy's whims -- especially the ones that defied Kenobi's teachings. Certainly such an outing would present its own teaching opportunities, the likes of which Kenobi would know nothing. At the very least, it would be a secret between himself and his future apprentice to add to his collection.

And so the Supreme Chancellor, accompanied by his security detail, escorted a young Jedi Padawan to the park, his robes collecting debris as they trailed through the grass.

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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