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Rustling the Robes

Title: "Rustling the Robes"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: fanfic50's prompt #1 - Finish
Word Count: 1932
Rating: R
Summary: See icon. *snort* Okay, well, except it's set prior to that. And Palpatine isn't standing.
Author's Notes: Written for my beloved ansketil_rose for this year's jedi_mistletoe holiday fic exchange. (if you haven't yet checked out the lovely fic over there, I urge you to do so!)
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Beep! "Chancellor, your 1530 is here," chirped the intercomlink.

"Thank you. Please show him in."

Anakin stared at the Chancellor in disbelief. Did he just say...

Yes. Yes, he did. Even though he had a half-naked Anakin in his lap, Palpatine had just agreed to meet with his scheduled appointment.

"Don't look so appalled," said the Chancellor, chuckling at Anakin's bewilderment. "I do have business to conduct. It shouldn't take long. Then I'll be free to resume our leisure activities for the rest of the afternoon."

"Can't you just make them wait a while?" whined Anakin. "What am I supposed to do?"

The older man's mouth curled into a mischievous grin. "Well, since you've said your Master doesn't know you're here, I would suggest you hide. Quickly."

"What does my Master have to do with--" Realization dawned when Anakin felt Obi-Wan's unique Force signature growing stronger in proximity. "Sithspit! What's he doing here?!"

There was no time to dress and flee the room. Anakin scrambled off the Chancellor's lap and down his velvety robed legs to crouch beneath his desk. He'd never before been so grateful for his (unnatural) ability to cloak his Force presence; he would just die if Obi-Wan sensed him here!

He settled himself as comfortably as possible beneath Palpatine's expansive desk -- and between his legs. Anakin had already undone the robes enough to access his lover's cock, though Palpatine had just loosely covered it up again. The organ couldn't have softened so quickly with no release, but if not for that knowledge, Anakin would have no reason to suspect it was erect. He'd be sure to tease the Chancellor later about the true purpose for wearing such lavish robes.

"Master Kenobi, always a pleasure!" To his credit, Palpatine effortlessly segued into what Anakin deemed his 'politician voice.' "Have a seat. I trust my staff offered you tea?"

"Good day, Chancellor." Anakin could picture his Master bowing. Can he see under the desk? No, a quick glance backward ensured him he was safely hidden. "Yes, they did, thank you. But I won't take up too much of your time."

Good. Hurry up already.

"How may I help you, then?"

Anakin heard Obi-Wan take a seat. "It's a personal matter, actually."

Personal! And Anakin had thought he might fall asleep while the two men discussed boring political matters. No chance of that now.

"Yes, I'm concerned about my padawan," Obi-Wan began.

This is about me?! Now his curiosity was really piqued.

"Anakin. He does look up to me."

Ha ha! Yes, actually, Anakin was looking up to him at this very mo-- hold on, was it his imagination or did Palpatine emphasize those words... for his benefit? It seemed Palpatine was enjoying this scenario just a little too much.

"He does," Obi-Wan agreed. "Like a father."

Not exactly. Anakin would have snorted if he'd had the luxury of making any noise.

"And I regard him rather like the son I never had," Palpatine said fondly. "Except, of course, for the aspects of our relationship that defy that bond."

What the kriff is he doing?!

The statement baffled Obi-Wan as well. "Oh? And what aspects might those be?"

"Why, his Jedi obligations, of course."

Anakin nearly sighed in relief. He didn't understand what the Chancellor was getting at, but at least he hadn't told Obi-Wan that he was shagging his padawan.

Palpatine continued. "If he were my son, I'd be encouraging him to go out and make something of himself in the universe. And later, to find a wife and settle down, have children. But the Jedi have deprived him of all of that. Is he even permitted to have sex?"

Holy kriff, he did not just ask his Master if... Anakin had to do something to express his displeasure at this topic. He reached beneath the robes and pinched Palpatine's inner thigh, causing the other man to start. Obi-Wan was probably too discomfited to notice; Anakin could practically see the blush on his face.

"I beg your pardon, Chancellor, but the Jedi beliefs pertaining to sex are not what I came here to discuss."

Oh, nice dodge there, Master. Anakin kept his hand on Palpatine's thigh, ready to impart another warning if necessary.

But Palpatine behaved. "Of course. I was merely curious."

"When was the last time you saw him?"

"Oh... I can't recall exactly when he last came here."

Again with the unnecessary word emphasis! Obi-Wan would surely catch on if he kept this up. Anakin clenched his leg hard, mentally pleading with him to knock it off. Palpatine shifted in his seat a bit, and Anakin realized how his touch was affecting him. Maybe I should have a little fun of my own while I'm down here...

"I'm afraid he's been spending too much time away from the Temple. I assumed he spent a great deal of it with you."

"He comes... fairly often, I suppose... hmmmm." Anakin had thrown a glitch into the Chancellor's stream of smoothly-delivered double entendres by wrapping his hand around the hidden erection. He began pumping it slowly, the thrill of being so wicked making him bold. Palpatine shifted again, this time apparently making a show of rustling his robes. Maybe to hide the soft, slippery sound of hand on cock?

"Are you all right, sir?"

"Yes, yes, just a... a leg cramp..."

Palpatine reached down, presumably to massage the cramp, but he placed his hand on his robe, over Anakin's. Just placed it there. With a little pressure, he could have easily indicated that he wanted Anakin to stop. And he really didn't have to slide further down in his seat to give him better access. It was all the encouragement the Jedi needed, and he increased his speed accordingly.

"Would it help to walk around a bit and work it out?"

Ever-helpful Obi-Wan!

"No, I'll be f-fine... so. You were saying?"

He could have ordered Obi-Wan out of the room. He's enjoying this little game!

"Anakin's been... a little different lately. More distant. When I ask him about it, he blows me off and tries to act like nothing's wrong. But something's going on with him, I can feel it. I was hoping you might be able to give me some insight, since he does spend time with you. Has he confided in you? Or have you noticed anything unusual?"

"Oh... he's not distant all, with me, no. An' he hasn' been blowing me... unnffff."

Ha! Anakin had chosen a most amusing moment to start lapping at Palpatine's cock. He'd have to pat himself on the back for that one later.


"I'm fine, truly! Don't ever grow old, Master Kenobi... ohhhhh. I don't know what's... what's got into me..."

Anakin could imagine the grimace on Palpatine's face. He couldn't decide which expression he'd rather see: Palpatine's pleasure-disguised-as-pain or Obi-Wan's utter bewilderment over this 'leg cramp.' (He was sure Obi-Wan could feel the sexual vibes flowing from Palpatine -- and equally sure his Master hadn't a clue what to make of them!)

"Perhaps I could try to heal it with the Force," Obi-Wan offered. "I could massage the muscle--"

"That won't be necessary," hissed Palpatine. Anakin's tongue was definitely 'massaging the muscle.' Oh, this was too hilarious for words! If Palpatine didn't kill him later, they would probably laugh their arses off.

"Now, about Ana...Anakin." Palpatine was breathing heavier, but not gasping for breath; Anakin would have to remedy that. "He's only... eighteeeeeen. Periods... of rebellion...mmm... they're perfectly -- perf -- "

"Chancellor! What's wrong? This is no ordinary cramp.... where are your guards? You usually have a couple by the door..."

We didn't want them watching the show.

"Oh, go fetch one...outsiiiide...oh yesss..."

Anakin heard Obi-Wan sprint out of the room. He pulled off of Palpatine's cock, sucking the head vigorously when he did. "Want me to stop?" he asked coyly.

Palpatine's response was to groan loudly and thrust at Anakin's mouth.

The Jedi heard the doors hiss open and knew his Master had returned with a couple of guards. He needed to work quickly to get Palpatine off before they pulled him away from the desk! His head bobbed and his hand squeezed and he was so tempted to add some sort of Force enhancement to his balls, but he didn't dare. Cloaking oneself in the Force was one thing but hiding its use from another Jedi in the same room was quite another. So, as far as blowjobs went, it wasn't the greatest he'd ever given. Probably not even in the top ten. But he did get the job done -- Palpatine exploded in his mouth, crying out in wordless exclamation.

Anakin was grateful to slide back from beneath the blanket of robes and feel cool air on his sweaty face. Whew! It was hotter than Tatooine under there (Tatooine was a dry heat, after all!). He saw a familiar pair of red boots next to Palpatine's chair. Had he seen... no, he couldn't have seen who was under here. Thank the Force Anakin had access to Palpatine's secret entrance; not even the guards knew he was here.

"The pain has subsided," announced a much more relaxed-sounding Palpatine. "I require no assistance. However, I'm feeling quite drained all of a sudden. I need to lie down. Master Kenobi, would you be so kind as to give me a respite of... oh, say, fifteen minutes?"

Now he sent Obi-Wan away?!

"Of course, Chancellor. If you'd rather reschedule..."

"No, I'm sure I'll be fine after I rest. I do apologize for the inconvenience."

Obi-Wan agreed to wait. He was shown out to the foyer by the guards, and then Anakin was finally able to push his way out of his hiding place. "Talk about cramped muscles!" he chuckled as he stretched and flexed. One look at Palpatine's flushed face was all it took to propel him into helpless laughter.

Palpatine joined in, pulling the younger man back into his lap to give him a hug, sweat and all. He sobered after a few moments. "We can laugh about this later, you naughty, naughty boy. For now, you must leave. I'll summon you in an hour or so if you'd like."

"What?" Anakin pulled back to frown at Palpatine. "No way, I've gotta hear what Obi-Wan says about me!"

"I promise you, I'll tell you anything you want to know when you return."

"What about what you tell him about me?"

"Whatever you've told me in confidence remains a confidence. Do you trust me?"

But Anakin wasn't done pouting yet. "I bet you say the same thing to him when he comes back in here."

"Why would I do that? Kenobi's not even a friend. He means nothing to me. But you, dear boy... you're everything. I would never betray your trust."

Looking at that adoring, handsome face -- the face so beloved by millions of beings across the galaxy -- Anakin felt like the most special of them all. He liked being 'everything' to this wonderful (powerful!) man. "All right," he conceded, a smile breaking through the frown. "I'll wait an hour. No more. Kick him out if he wants to talk any longer than that. But in the meantime, you did tell him you'd be fifteen minutes..." He leaned in to nibble at Palpatine's earlobe, grinding his erection against him.

"Mmmm. That I did. Should I take this to mean you wish to lie down with me?"

"Take it how you want to," Anakin replied flirtatiously. "As long as you take it up the arse, of course!"

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