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Wine and Wood

Title: "Wine and Wood"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: Not gonna lie, this was a silly comment fic I pulled out of my ass/arse for starwarsland. But it amused Ansketil and is therefore worthy of posting plus it's always good to knock prompts off my fanfic50 claim! So! I'm applying it to #31 - Direction. A bit of a stretch, perhaps, but MEH. Oh, the original prompt by ansketil_rose was "Anakin/Palpatine - intoxicated."
Word Count: 330
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's just Palpakin fluff, guys :D
Author's Notes:

Anakin lounged next to the Chancellor, greedily drinking all the heady Nubian wine the older man offered. It was nice, sharing drinks with a friend, his mentor… the most powerful man in the galaxy. He leaned into Palpatine’s velvety soft shoulder. “You smell good,” the Jedi declared suddenly. “Do people tell you that a lot? ‘Cause you do.”

Palpatine chuckled. “You’re the first.” It was most likely a lie, although he truly couldn’t recall the last time anyone had paid him any olfactory compliments.

“Really? No!” cried Anakin, aghast. He pondered the scent as he downed another glass. “You smell like…hmmm. Like riches. Like wine and wood. But not just any old wood, more like… expensive wood.”

“I suppose that’s better than morning dew on the roses,” Palpatine drawled.

“That too! Rose dew on the morning wood!” The words tumbled out of his mouth in a rush. When the meaning of what he’d said sank in, he began to giggle.

Palpatine was amused as well. “And that’s a pleasant aroma?”

Anakin was giggling hard enough now that his glass shook, and wine sloshed out onto the Chancellor’s plush robes. “Oh shit! S-sorry!” He didn’t sound sorry, but he reached over with his other hand to…

To what? Palpatine couldn’t be sure, as there was no napkin in the hand that… grabbed in the general vicinity of his crotch. There was no wine spilled in that area. Most curious.

“Oooops,” mumbled Anakin, turning and pressing his body against the Chancellor’s, looking at him lustily through his lashes.

“What are you doing, Anakin?” Palpatine didn’t pull away nor pull him closer. He was certain he wore enough layers that his erection could go undetected. Not that Anakin’s Force senses wouldn’t tell him everything he needed to know…

“Takin’ advan’ge of you, e’en though I’m the one tha’s drunk!” slurred the boy, licking his lips and leaning in to kiss him.

Palpatine smiled. He was all too happy to let Anakin believe that.

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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