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Three To Tango

Title: "Three To Tango"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Obi-Wan/Palpatine
Prompt: gizzi1213's request: Anakin/Obi-Wan/Palpatine + hotfuckingthreesomewithObi-WangettingequalamountofAnakintime. (Like how she gets around the 1-word thing by removing spaces?) I'm also going to apply it to my fanfic50 claim for #34 - Between.
Word Count: 2224
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Just dirty, filthy, CRACKy smut, folks.
Author's Notes: Hiatus "drabble" #9. The last one! Woohoo, I wrote them all!

When both of his lovers asked to spend the same evening with him, the best solution Anakin could come up with was a threesome. That way, no one had to be alone -- it was perfect! Palpatine was amenable to the idea; Obi-Wan had taken some convincing, but he had eventually caved to Anakin's whining.

The two Jedi met the Chancellor at his apartments, and the three men promptly partook of Palpatine's fine Corellian brandy. Anakin's clothes came off the fastest (which was curious, given that Obi-Wan was the one swallowing the most liquor). The naked Jedi sauntered up to Obi-Wan to assist in the disrobing... and to remove the glass of brandy from his hand before it reached his lips again. "That's enough, Master," Anakin smirked. "I don't want you drinking so much that you can't get it up!"

"Anakin!" Obi-Wan's scandalized utterance of his name was apparently due to the Chancellor's presence, judging by his nervous glances at the older man.

Palpatine, however, seemed quite at ease with the proceedings. He calmly removed his undergarments while watching the two Jedi. "I don't think that's going to be a problem, son," he observed, pointedly staring at the large bulge Anakin had just uncovered in the removal of his Master's pants.

"Just relax," Anakin murmured in the other man's ear, flicking his tongue about the earlobe to produce a low moan from Obi-Wan.

Palpatine sashayed over and kissed Anakin's shoulder before kneeling in front of the Jedi Master. He carefully tugged down Obi-Wan's underwear to release the magnificent cock, sprouting proudly from its reddish-brown nest. "Yessss, relax," he hissed, licking his lips and looking up at him lustfully. "I don't bite."

And with that, the Chancellor began to caress Obi-Wan's cock with his lips and tongue, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Obi-Wan was clearly uncomfortable with the act (though not uncomfortable enough to pull away!). Anakin stared, his arousal at the sight mixing with jealousy as one lover's mouth claimed his other lover's cock. He'd never watched Palpatine suck off anyone but him before. What if he liked Obi-Wan's cock better than Anakin's? And Obi-Wan... that look on his face...

"Why aren't we on the bed?" demanded Anakin suddenly, and he pulled Palpatine to his feet so swiftly that Obi-Wan staggered (or was that the brandy's influence?).

"Anakin!" he exclaimed again, this time in frustration.

"Come here and kiss me, Master," Anakin cooed as he reclined on the posh bed, his limbs entangled with Palpatine's. The old man was trailing his hands and tongue down Anakin's body, pausing along the way to nibble in places that made Anakin either giggle or moan -- or do a strange combination of the two.

Obi-Wan clambered onto the bed to oblige Anakin's request. He wanted to nestle his leg between Anakin's, but Palpatine's head was in the way. As if sensing this, Palpatine lifted his lips from Anakin's flesh and pulled Obi-Wan's leg into the desired position. The Chancellor's tongue lapped teasingly at both cocks in its vicinity while Obi-Wan's tongue met Anakin's in a hungry embrace.

Palpatine's bony fingers explored the nooks and crannies of both firm, hard bodies before him, and his tongue soon followed suit. His ministrations enhanced the moans of each writhing Jedi. "Mmmmmmmmm. Which one to fuck," he mused, extricating his head from the nest of sex.

Anakin came up for air to respond. "Me! Me!" he cried, flashing an eager smile at the Chancellor before turning back to Obi-Wan to resume their tongue tango. But Obi-Wan resisted, a dubious look on his face. "What?" asked Anakin defensively.

"I can fuck you," Obi-Wan stated quietly, though Palpatine was already working the lube.

"Of course you can," Anakin acknowledged, chuckling at Obi-Wan and gasping from Palpatine. "But why don't you... ohhhhh... why don't you ride me instead."

Obi-Wan glanced down at Anakin's nether regions, trying to keep his gaze off the heavily-lined face so close to them. Surely Anakin meant for him to wait for the Chancellor to finish first...

"A splendid idea!" said Palpatine. He slapped plenty of lubrication on Anakin's cock and beckoned Obi-Wan closer. "Here, why don't you take the controls. You steer while I thrust."

This made Anakin giggle. "Hurry up!" he laughed. "Both of you! I'm horny!"

Obi-Wan swiped some of the extra lube off Anakin and began preparing himself quickly. Palpatine folded Anakin's legs up to allow himself easier access. "Master Kenobi, I can assist you with that."

"I've got it," Obi-Wan replied stiffly, and as an afterthought, "...thank you."

Anakin giggled even more. "So fucking formal. Come on already!" he whined in mock exasperation.

"Aren't the Jedi supposed to be patient?" teased Palpatine.

"Yes!" Obi-Wan agreed, grinning down at his Padawan as he straddled him (upturned legs and all). "In fact, if you keep complaining, the Chancellor and I will be sure to make you wait all the l--"

Anakin's loud moan interrupted him; Palpatine had pushed his way inside. Obi-Wan shook his head and snorted in annoyance.

"My apologies," said Palpatine, thrusting slowly but forcefully -- and not sounding particularly sorry.

"Just ride me, Master." Anakin tried to help Obi-Wan move his hips into a passably comfortable position. With Palpatine's assistance, they managed to find a way to entangle all their limbs to ensure maximum satisfaction and minimum discomfort for everyone (except, perhaps, for Obi-Wan -- at least in the moment that Palpatine forced his ass down on Anakin's cock quite unexpectedly).

The three men struggled a few moments to synchronize their actions. Palpatine wrapped his arms around Obi-Wan, pulling the other man downward with each thrust into Anakin. This gave Anakin a bit of a dilemma -- he wanted to push against Palpatine in the same instant that he wanted to push up into Obi-Wan. It seemed he'd be best served by simply allowing himself to be pinned. He could keep his hands busy with Obi-Wan's cock; Palpatine seemed to want to grab it only sporadically himself, as his concentration was elsewhere. Anakin could use the Force to assist with these movements, of course... but such "improper use" would only make Obi-Wan grumpy later -- he'd already learned that lesson!

Palpatine's moans eclipsed both Anakin's and Obi-Wan's. Anakin found it unbelievably erotic to hear the Chancellor's melodic voice, always so silky-smooth when addressing his constituents, transformed into the sweet sound of sexual pleasure. Anakin moaned with him, but Obi-Wan... his noises would be more correctly classified as grunts. Anakin could feel Obi-Wan's pleasure in the Force; he suspected it was Palpatine's enthusiastic presence behind him that was inhibiting him to some degree.

Maybe he should have let Obi-Wan drink more brandy.

As the eldest of the trio neared orgasm, thrusting harder and faster into Anakin and clawing more forcefully at Obi-Wan, the youngest could hold back no longer. Anakin clenched his Master's hips and moved him faster than Obi-Wan was inclined to move himself. He came with a wordless cry (wisely refraining from calling out a name) -- and Obi-Wan couldn't climb off of him fast enough. Or so he tried; Palpatine kept a firm grip on his arms as he slammed into Anakin's rear. Certainly, Obi-Wan could overpower the old man to get away if he chose to, but that would be quite rude.

The Chancellor buried his wrinkled face in Obi-Wan's shoulder, and his moans became muffled growls. He sank his teeth into the flesh before him as he came, causing Obi-Wan to yelp in surprise and pain. Palpatine's grip relaxed, enabling Obi-Wan's escape. "There you are," said the old man breathlessly, smiling as Anakin's face came into view. He pulled out of him carefully, then flopped onto his belly, panting happily.

Anakin stroked Palpatine's hair lovingly. "That was hot," he declared, turning to smile dazedly at Obi-Wan. Why was he so far away? Anakin couldn't even reach him. "Masterrrrr, come here," he whined.

"We're done now, Anakin, let's go," said Obi-Wan curtly. He rolled off the bed and began retrieving his clothes.

Anakin's jaw dropped. "What? We are not done. You didn't even come yet!"

Obi-Wan ignored him. Clearly, this was an appropriate time for 'inappropriate use of the Force.' When Obi-Wan leaned over to step into his underwear, Anakin Force-pulled him backwards, gliding him across the bed on his ass right up against Anakin's side.

"Anakin!" bellowed Obi-Wan, aghast.

"You can lecture me about that tomorrow, Master." The naughty Padawan snaked a hand around to Obi-Wan's manhood before releasing the Force hold.

Palpatine lifted himself to aid in convincing Obi-Wan to stay on the bed, should his services be necessary. "Are you angry with me? For the bite? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I suppose I was over-stimulated."

"It's fine." Obi-Wan gave the Chancellor a polite half-smile, still averting his gaze (he apparently had no desire to view a naked Palpatine).

Anakin sat up and shifted around so that he was in a better position to pleasure Obi-Wan, who was now laying on his back. "I'll make sure you don't want to leave," promised Anakin with a wicked grin, lowering his head teasingly close to Obi-Wan's cock.

Palpatine crept close to Obi-Wan's other side. "Anything in particular you'd like me to do to you, Master Kenobi?" he drawled. His hand was already roaming through the lovely auburn hair on the Jedi's chest, admiring it with a wistful look on his face. He tweaked a nipple playfully.

"You don't have to do anything," answered Obi-Wan a little too quickly.

"You can help me blow him," Anakin suggested.

"That's really not neces--"

"Shut up and enjoy it, Master." Anakin trailed his tongue down the side of Obi-Wan's length, earning a shudder (and a repressed moan, he suspected). He waggled his eyebrows at Palpatine, who grinned at him and settled himself across from Anakin, mimicking the Jedi's tongue action from the other side.

"It's rather like sharing a sucker," observed the older man. He tried to catch Anakin's tongue in a kiss -- to no avail. Anakin smirked at him as he licked his side of their treat. When Palpatine was at the top, Anakin headed for the base, and when he sucked on the balls, Anakin took over the head.

Obi-Wan writhed, eyes closed, moaning softly now, clearly enjoying the chase in which his cock was the racetrack. He bucked whenever a mouth claimed the head. Anakin noticed that he wasn't observing the proceedings, as he usually did when it was just his Padawan pleasuring him. Even if one of them was... well, older... who wouldn't want to watch two men play with his privates?! My prude of a Master, Anakin thought with affection, lazily sucking on a testicle.

All of a sudden, Obi-Wan's moans became louder...more intense. Anakin looked up: Palpatine had taken Obi-Wan in his mouth and he was starting to bob his head.

"No!" cried Anakin, rising quickly to push Palpatine away and perform the task himself. "Mine!"

The Chancellor laughed merrily. "Suit yourself." He busied himself with Obi-Wan's chest instead, gliding his fingers through the soft hair, kissing and sucking on the nipples.

Anakin could tell Obi-Wan wouldn't last much longer. He worked more of his length into his mouth with every downward bob, sucking mightily on the way up. Obi-Wan was huge. Slightly larger than Anakin, quite a bit larger than Palpatine. But Anakin could deep-throat him without gagging if he Force-relaxed the muscles in his mouth. He enjoyed honing this Force skill; it was the one 'inappropriate use' that his Master never scolded him for. They had an unspoken agreement about it: Obi-Wan feigned oblivion, and Anakin feigned oblivion to his oblivion.

Obi-Wan reached down to grip Anakin's hair. He couldn't resist bucking (especially with the knowledge that Anakin liked it when he did), and as he got closer to release, he even grabbed Palpatine's bony shoulder in excitement. In the final pre-orgasm moments, that hand moved up to the Chancellor's head to hold it in place over his nipple. With a final thrust of his body, he pushed at both of their mouths and groaned louder than Anakin had ever heard him groan before, his entire body quaking before falling abruptly still.

Anakin swallowed the load, then scrambled up to lay next to Obi-Wan and kiss him tenderly. He gestured for Palpatine to come around to his other side, and the older man obliged. Anakin wrapped an arm around each of them, smiling broadly, radiating happiness and contentment through the Force. "I'm so happy right now!" he declared.

Palpatine nuzzled his neck. "I'll say," he murmured, playfully groping at Anakin's re-hardening cock.

"Insatiable," grumbled Obi-Wan good-naturedly.

"Well, it's been a few minutes since I came," Anakin pointed out, trying to pout without laughing.

Obi-Wan snickered. "Why don't we get you home, then. I'm sure the Chancellor has more import--"

"Nonsense!" interrupted Palpatine. "You're both spending the night. I insist."

Anakin smirked at Obi-Wan. "He's the Supreme Chancellor," he said in a stage whisper. "We have to do what he says!"

Palpatine smiled. "I also insist that we continue until the appetites of all three of us are adequately satisfied."

Anakin beamed at this. "Oh, I like that rule!"

But Obi-Wan groaned and buried his face in Anakin's shoulder. "I think I'm going to need a lot more of your brandy, Chancellor."

Tags: anakin, fic, obi-wan, palpatine, requests, star wars
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