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End Game

Title: "End Game"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Emperor Palpatine
Prompt: yenneffer's request: Palpatine + dirty (non-porn!).
Word Count: 335
Rating: PG
Summary: Just a Palpatine vignette :)
Author's Notes: Hiatus drabble #8.

Many years had passed since Emperor Palpatine had killed anyone personally. He had minions to tend to such inconvenient matters for him -- most notably, his apprentice. Vader killed instinctively and indiscriminately, and as long as he remained sufficiently loyal, Palpatine was content to leave the Empire's dirty work to him.

This time, however, could be different. It all depended on the actions of one Luke Skywalker.

As Vader approached with his son, Palpatine remotely examined the other Sith's Force presence. To his dismay, he found it irritatingly bathed in light. Luke had somehow managed to penetrate the dark in just the few minutes since his arrival. But how? By simply existing? If that were so, then Vader was no less of a sentimental fool than Anakin had been, even after all these years of marriage to the most ruthless of spouses -- the dark side of the Force.

Clearly the turning of young Skywalker was a task best left to the Master. And Luke would turn; if Palpatine had to electrocute him to within a hair of death, he would turn. Vader's life would undoubtedly be sacrificed in the process, for he knew Vader would kill the Emperor in a heartbeat to rule the galaxy with his son. If all went according to plan, Luke would dispose of Vader himself. And then the real work would begin.

Unlike Anakin, Luke was not ripe fruit on the verge of turning; he needed to mature. The raw talent the boy possessed, however, was succulent to Palpatine's finicky Force palate. And soon it would be his, all his, to savor at will. Another beautiful blond blue-eyed Skywalker boy would soon kneel before him and pledge his body and soul to Palpatine. Luke would be Palpatine's pet project, a delicious alleviation of the malaise that was sure to plague him once the pathetic Rebellion was annihilated.

Vader would soon be dead; the old man could feel it. And this time Palpatine would be merciful enough not to intervene.

Tags: fic, requests, sidious, star wars
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