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Title: "Symbiosis"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Tarkin/Sly Moore
Prompt: ansketil_rose's request: Tarkin/Sly Moore + influence.
Word Count: 128
Rating: R
Summary: Sexytiems >.>
Author's Notes: Hiatus drabble #7. Not as difficult to write as I'd imagined.

Her moans were more like soft whispers than expulsions of passion. He watched, fascinated, as she reached the height of ecstasy. Her ethereally luminescent skin appeared to glow in the dimly-lit chamber.

She felt his icy blue eyes penetrate her as deeply as his erection did. The Umbaran smiled down at the bucking Human serenely until he exploded inside her. His hands fell away from her, and she eased herself off of his spent body to sprawl out beside him.

He took her hand in his. She felt the smoothness of the wedding band he hadn't bothered to remove. "Now that we're both satisfied," began Grand Moff Tarkin candidly, "do tell me what favour you're expecting."

Sly Moore snorted; she'd been about to ask the same of him.

Tags: fic, requests, sly, star wars, tarkin
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