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Tatooine Mirage

Title: "Tatooine Mirage"
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Kitster, Anakin, Amee, Wald
Prompt: fialleril's request: the Tatooine slave kids (at least Anakin & Kitster) + freedom. I'm also going to apply it to my fanfic50 prompt #6 - Tongue.
Word Count: 452
Rating: G
Summary: Four kids walk into a bar...
Author's Notes: Hiatus drabble #2. This one comes with a visual aid ♥

Kitster Banai looked confident enough. The boy had insisted that this was his treat, and as such, he’d take care of acquiring the treasure: the most coveted of frosty concoctions, the ruby bliel. The diminutive eight-year-old sauntered up to the bar and hailed the barkeep. Voice strong and clear. Eye contact. Hand steady as he placed ten wuipui on the counter. And still, the surly man snorted. Asked if he stole it. (Since when did a Tatooine barkeep care about that?)

A frowning Anakin looked on from the dingy corner table he shared with Wald and Amee. He would rush up there if his friend appeared to be in trouble, of course, but Kitster appeared to be holding his own.

Kitster shook his head at the offensive question. Said “no, sir” in a voice too polite for Anakin to have managed in his place. The bartender eyed him suspiciously, but the youth met his gaze in an honest manner. And he told the truth: technically, he’d found the money on the ground, so it belonged to the first person who happened upon it. (Hiding behind that particular junk heap where the deathstick junkies did business was proving lucrative for Kitster.)

The man grumpily set about making the requested drink. Kitster flashed a quick grin back to the table, then watched the bartender casually, as if he enjoyed ruby bliels all the time. Perhaps the tattered tunics would give him away, but the expression on the boy’s face would not.

Despite the barkeep’s rude manner, Kitster tipped him one wuipui (not that it earned him so much as a thank you). He carefully cupped both hands around the bottom of the goblet-like glass and made his way back to his friends, beaming. With pleasantly chilled fingers, he set the glass down in the middle of the table, and the four of them stared at the bright red beverage reverently.

Kitster nudged the glass towards Amee, silently urging her to take the first sip. Anakin was glad then that Kitster had invited the others. It would be more fun with all of them sharing, and the icy treat would last much longer being passed between four people.

Anakin’s turn. The refreshing sweet slush bathed his tongue, and he pushed the glass to Wald. Anakin closed his eyes contentedly, his senses mingling with his imagination to produce the illusion of freedom. He didn’t open his eyes until Kitster started Round Two by returning the glass to Amee. Now that they’d all had a taste, the children fell into excited, happy chatter.

They were free, and would be until the last drop was swallowed. The empty glass would propel them back to reality all too soon.

Ruby bliel Ruby bliel

[This is what I imagine they taste like -- the Frutista Freeze at Taco Bell. Slurping one down on a hot summer day inspired me to write this fic!]

Tags: anakin, fic, kitster, requests, star wars
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