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Title: Ping
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin & Padmé
Prompt: albumsontheside's request: Viet!Anakin + failure. I'm also going to apply it to my fanfic50 prompt #5 - Down.
Word Count: 233
Rating: PG
Summary: The effects of war stretch far.
Author's Notes: The first of my handwritten "hiatus" drabbles ♥ I will type them up and post them slowly over the next few weeks -- in the order written, because I'm just that anal.


It wasn't exactly the same sound; it didn't have to be. He was back on the battleground -- this time without his lightsaber! Why wasn't he wearing it? Where had he left it? There was no time to search -- another, more accurate shot could follow the first.

"Get down!"

He couldn't lose any more men here. Each loss penetrated his psyche as personal failure. They trusted him, oh how they trusted him! Even though he couldn't sense the sniper, nor any other droids; they had no detectable Force presence.

One trooper didn't obey his command. Stood there, frozen in place -- paralyzed with fear? (Did clones feel fear after all?) He swiftly reached over to grab the soldier's arm and pull him down. But instead of armor, his hand gripped soft flesh...


Oh Force -- what was Padmé doing out here?!

The ground was hard and had a sterile feel to it. Too smooth to be...

"Ani, come back to me. You're having another flashback. It's all right. We're safe." Voice soft, hand gentle.

He blinked and they were sprawled on Padmé's kitchen floor, a package of blumfruit muffins in disarray nearby. Some were mostly intact...others were completely crumbled, their shattered remains littering the landscape. The varying degrees of imperfection blended together.

"We're safe." He repeated the lie blandly. For her sake.

She smiled, no doubt thinking he'd come back.

Tags: anakin, fic, padme, requests, star wars
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