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Want a Star Wars drabble?

I may regret this...

...but for some reason I feel compelled to post the drabble request meme that I've seen floating around again lately. >.>

Just name the character or pairing, a keyword (like Green, Embarrassed, Alcohol, etc. - just one word), and I will write you a drabble (100-500 words...ish). If you have any preferences regarding the rating, let me know that as well. I write all ratings.

Here's the kicker -- you'll have to wait a while for me to post it! I'm going on a semi-LJ-hiatus, as I won't be able to type very well due to having hand surgery. I will be hand-writing these (thank the Force it's my LEFT hand getting worked on, and I'm righthanded!) and posting them at some future date. Earliest would be the end of June.

Sample request:
Character or Pairing: Anakin/Palpatine
Keyword: Moan
Rating: NC-17 please - I like 'em dirty!

Oh -- and sorry, but I only know the movie characters (PT or OT is fine). I don't know enough EU to write it. I've seen the Clone Wars cartoons, but if you request something from that, I might wait until the dvd set comes out to refresh my memory on details before fulfilling your request!

You don't have to friend this journal to request something, either. I will link you to your drabble when I post it, no matter how long it takes me ♥

Request away!


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