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Completed sw_1sentence claim!

Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: written for my Palpakin claim at sw_1sentence (for my own reference, the comm post is here)
Word Count: 1116, not including the listed prompts
Rating: ranges from G to NC-17
Author's Notes: The challenge is to take 30 prompts (some substitutions allowed) and write a story of only one sentence for each. I took advantage of the option to switch the order around and put them mostly in chronological order. Also, I should mention that many of these prompts were influenced by the cracky!Palpatine I love ^_^


Sub) Candy
The main reason ten-year-old Anakin enjoyed visiting the Chancellor wasn't the man's company -- it was the exotic candy, imported from all over the galaxy, and Anakin never even had to ask for it.

Sub) Warmth
The wine Anakin had sipped from Palpatine’s glass coated his stomach with a cozy warmth, and he smiled at the conspiratorial wink from the older man, who certainly had a way of making the twelve-year-old feel remarkably grown up.

25) School
Ever the politician, Palpatine could school his features to suit any occasion… such as concealing his amusement at thirteen-year-old Anakin’s failure to hide his erection.

16) Knowledge
When Palpatine felt those first tendrils of lust coiling into the Force from his teenage protégé, he patiently worked the knowledge into his intricate plan for their future.

5) Continue
Palpatine had heard it all countless times before, but still he urged the young Jedi to continue his whining, taking care to ensure that the concerned expression on his face belied the yawn in his throat.

15) Ignorance
The Chancellor smiled sympathetically, patiently listening to Anakin’s impassioned complaints about the Jedi, and his clueless Master in particular; it was all too perfect, for Kenobi’s ignorance was Palpatine’s gain.

11) Friend
Though he said she was just a friend, Anakin felt jealous of the Chancellor's date for the evening... what if Palpatine should prefer her company to his, and what if... no, he couldn't bear that thought -- but why was he feeling possessive over the man who'd never shown anything beyond a fatherly interest in him?

17) Map
Anakin's desire could be read as plainly as a map, but Palpatine would not be the one to make the first move; instead, he refilled the Jedi's brandy glass.

10) Fact
Until the moment he first kissed the Chancellor's lips, Anakin could pretend he was imagining it; now that their mutual attraction had changed from fantasy to fact, he wasn't sure what to do with the overwhelming headiness of it.

Sub) Practice
“You did well, Anakin…” cooed the Chancellor breathlessly, “…and with practice… you’re sure to… get even better…mmmmmm.”

20) Pain
Anakin had never understood how pain and pleasure could be one and the same… until the first time Palpatine penetrated him.

6) Do not want
"I do not want to leave you, sir, but Master Obi-Wan will notice my absence if I'm gone the whole night," Anakin said miserably, reluctantly rolling away from the Chancellor's warm body, vowing to make it up to him the next day.

13) Hallowed
Palpatine was always meticulous with his appearance, but there was one garment he would not allow to be laundered; this hallowed robe was blessed with the evidence of Anakin’s first submission to him, and when he fingered the smooth stain, he could nearly taste the delicious memory.

4) Circle
Anakin’s tongue circled the head of Palpatine’s cock in a playful, teasing manner, and Palpatine wasn’t quite sure which he found more arousing: the gentle sensation that made his body crave more, or the wicked look in the boy’s eyes that promised it.

22) Ready
Palpatine's fingers teased Anakin's entrance expertly; he was well aware that the boy was ready for his cock, but he did so love to make him writhe and beg for it first.

19) Name
Anakin wished that Palpatine would just give in and confess his secret first name – how could the man not wince at hearing Anakin cry out “Ohhh Chancellor!” upon orgasm?

Sub) Red
The walls of Palpatine's bedroom were painted the same rich red as his office suite at the Senate; Anakin felt exquisitely naughty in knowing how perfectly the color of passion suited the allegedly mild-mannered Chancellor.

1) Bound
Palpatine was enjoying himself immensely; Force-bound to the bed, he appeared to be completely under Anakin's control, and the deception of the appearance was nearly as titillating as Anakin's raw sexual energy.

29) Youth
Palpatine’s verve, so evident in his vibrant blue eyes and his virile body, made it easy for Anakin to imagine what a handsome devil he must have been in his youth.

9) Exile
"I'd rather be exiled from the Jedi forever than to never be able to see you again," Anakin declared with that blend of shyness and fervor that Palpatine found so endearing.

12 Ghost
“I’ll always love you, Anakin,” whispered Palpatine to the sleeping boy, stroking his hair softly, ignoring the snickering of Plagueis's ghost in his ear.

30) "You can write this #%$@, but you can't say it."
Anakin stared at the sappy words on the flimsiplast, a warm glow spreading through him as he realized just how much he meant to the Chancellor; although he was deeply touched by the sentiments, he couldn’t help but think, "You can write this shit, but you can’t say it."

28) Untouchable
He was a Sith – any evidence of true humanity should have been hidden, untouchable, not so easily accessed by this boy.

8) Enemy
The fact that his precious Anakin was actually his enemy did indeed sweeten the prospect of Palpatine’s inevitable victory over the Jedi; it was as if the Force chorused a “fuck you” to the lot of them every time he fucked the boy.

7) Drive
Anakin's marriage to Padmé did not break Palpatine's heart in the slightest, and not just because it was necessary for his plan; the Chancellor simply knew that even the pretty young Senator was but a temporary nuisance, easily disposed of, no real threat to what he and Anakin shared.

3) Chosen
Anakin had chosen not to confess his secret marriage, as he wasn't sure Palpatine would understand; he would never do anything to hurt either of his lovers, and since one had no impact on his feelings for the other, he saw no harm in the deception.

Sub) either Blade or Quick (both fit!)
Anakin’s lightsaber hummed at Dooku’s throat, crossed with the Sith’s own blade, threatening to end his life with one quick motion; Palpatine felt no guilt whatsoever at ordering the boy to kill his apprentice, as his purpose had been served – and the horrible realization of his master’s treachery dawning on Dooku’s face was priceless.

27) Truth
When he finally realized the truth -- Palpatine, a Sith Lord! – Anakin wasn’t nearly as shocked as he felt he should be, and instead of dismissing the Sith’s words as automatic falsehoods, he found himself examining them more closely, turning each one over in his mind…amazingly, they still rang true.

21) Plead
“Please, help me save her, and I’ll do whatever you ask – I’ll be yours forever,” pleaded Anakin desperately, aware that this pledge to Palpatine would cost him everything he’d built with Padmé, yet not caring; as long as she lived, he could bear the horrible guilt of his betrayal.

23) Rebirth
As Darth Sidious reveled in the raw power radiating from his new apprentice, he closed his eyes and allowed the Force to weave their very essences together, forging a bond so strong that every Jedi in the galaxy simultaneously cringed; in that moment, Anakin Skywalker was reborn as Darth Vader.

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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