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Good Vibrations

Title: Good Vibrations
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: fanfic50 #25 Fascinate
Word Count: 1927
Rating: R
Summary: Palpatine tells Anakin one of his secrets.
Author's Notes: I FINALLY got this out of my brain! It's been rattling around in there since I got the Complete Locations guide a few months ago and saw something in it that intrigued me. And the title actually has two meanings...


Anakin didn’t bother to hide his annoyance as he strode into the Chancellor’s office. “What are you doing here at this hour?”

Palpatine looked up from his datapad, regarding the young Jedi with affection and amusement. “The Republic doesn’t run itself, Anakin. How was your day?”

Anakin grabbed the datapad out of his hands and tossed it carelessly on the desk. “You’re going to work yourself to death,” he said, ignoring the question, scowling as he straddled the older man’s lap. He placed Palpatine’s now-free hands squarely on his ass, then rested his own hands on the Chancellor's shoulders, his fingers kneading firmly enough to be felt through the layers of lush robes. Not even a hint of a smile graced his face.

“You’re in quite the mood tonight,” observed Palpatine. He settled back in his chair and squeezed the boy's ass rhythmically. “I'm married to the Republic; her needs come before mine."

Anakin snorted. "What about my needs?"

"You know I never leave you wanting, boy."

"Ha! Dirty old man," said Anakin, smiling just a little. He brushed a soft kiss across the Chancellor's lips. "I mean I need you around as long as possible, not... working your way into an early grave."

"I believe you think me feebler than I truly am," Palpatine mused. His hands began to wander over the nubile body in front of him, slowly loosening his tunics.

"It's nearly 0100!" cried Anakin. "And I know you're always here by 0700. There's no way you can get enough rest tonight."

Palpatine's blue eyes glittered with mischief. "Don't be so sure about that, Anakin."

Anakin furrowed his brow, perplexed. "I don't understand."

Palpatine studied the young Jedi for a moment, his wrinkled hands tracing patterns on the smooth skin of the chest he had bared. He could feel Anakin's heartbeat quicken as one hand made its way down to the elastic of his pants. Sometimes he marveled at the ease with which Anakin Skywalker had become his pet, how little effort it required to please him -- and not just sexually. The boy belonged to him, in body and spirit. Every day, Palpatine subtly poisoned him against the Jedi. He watched a shiver go through Anakin at his feather-light touch... heard a soft gasp of pleasure when he sealed his mouth over a ripe nipple. He pulled back suddenly, smirking as the rapture on Anakin's face turned to annoyance. "Let me up and I'll show you," Palpatine cooed.


"I'll show you a secret. Come on. Up." Palpatine patted his ass.

Anakin pouted. "I'm not a five-year-old -- I don't care about secrets. Especially when I'm horny!"

Palpatine laughed. "Trust me, you'll like this one. Especially because you're horny."

"Oh?" Anakin slid off his lap and helped the older man to his feet. "This better be good."

"Trust me." The Chancellor led Anakin across the large room to an abstract Nubian painting in an ornate gold frame. He let Anakin stare at it in confusion for a moment, then reached out to turn one of the protruding scroll shapes in the frame. After a few turns, he lifted the scroll to reveal a small keypad. He typed in a code, waited for the indicator light to turn red, and pushed against the wall next to the painting. The wall slid open like a door.

Anakin blinked in amazement. "What the -- you have a secret room? What's in here?" He barged through the doorway before Palpatine could respond. "Force! There's a bed!" By the time Palpatine had entered the room and closed the panel behind him, Anakin had kicked off his boots and pounced on the luxurious bed. "You should've told me sooner! All those times we fucked on your desk we could've been in here!"

The older man chuckled. "I thought you liked the... illicitness of the desk. Besides, we end up on the couch more often than not." He walked around to a night table beside the bed and retrieved a small datapad. "This is an extraordinary bed."

Anakin rolled over to face him. "Yeah, it's about a hundred times cozier than my bed at the Temple," he said with a snort.

"Well, yes, I imagine it is, but it's a custom-made Alderaanian Relaxa-bed...the only one of its kind. All the HoloNews reports that claim I never sleep are most inaccurate." Palpatine sank onto the edge of the bed and handed Anakin the datapad. The boy was so skilled with technology that it would be easier for him to figure out how to work the controls himself than have Palpatine show him; his fingers were already flying over the keys, and he was watching the screen intently. "It has a few special features," Palpatine continued. "The most important of which is the ability to give me a full night's rest in about half the time."

Anakin's jaw dropped. "How is that possible? Is that even safe?"

Palpatine waved his hand dismissively. "Of course it's safe. It's just not something the ev-- ohh!" The bed had begun to vibrate, and Anakin was giggling like a little boy.

"This is great!" He pressed a few more buttons which varied either the speed or the intensity of the vibration. "I bet you have a lot of fun in here." Anakin snickered and waggled his eyebrows suggestively at the Chancellor.

"Anakin, I sleep in here," Palpatine said, sighing in mock exasperation. "If I did anything else, I might not have enough left for your visits."

Anakin grinned. "Sure you would! I've restored your youthful sex drive, remember? Why do you still have all those clothes on, anyway? I'm way ahead of-- hey! There's a sound system hooked up to this thing?" He had found the settings for the sleep-inducing sounds; the pitter-patter of a light rain now filled the room. Anakin laughed gleefully as he cycled through the different settings.

"You could help me get undressed, sweetheart," Palpatine suggested. Usually the boy was so eager to get to the action that he practically ripped the Chancellor's robes off him. He started unfastening his outermost robe slowly, glancing at Anakin with lust-filled eyes. To his dismay, the Jedi wasn't even paying attention to him. He was so fascinated by his new toy that he apparently hadn't even heard Palpatine!

"Ha ha, this one's got thunder! How does that help you sleep? It'd wake me right up. Oh -- this one's nice. Sounds like windchimes. Where is this coming out of? It's gotta be the bedposts, right? It's too clear to be under the bed." Anakin crawled over to the head of the bed, giggling at the way he had to adjust his movements to compensate for the vibration. He examined the side of a bedpost and nodded. "Yep, here we go. That's good sound for such small speakers. I bet I could get some real music to feed into this thing -- something hard and fast, something good to fuck to! You don't have any tools in here, do you?"

It was Palpatine's turn to snort. "No, you're not taking my bed apart, Anakin. I quite like it the way it is." He was working on the second-outermost robe now.

"All right... for now," Anakin conceded. He turned back to the datapad. "I wanna see how it makes you sleep faster. I wonder if that's on here."

Anakin continued to play with the datapad, muttering to himself, occasionally exclaiming "Wow!" or other such sentiments. Palpatine had succeeded in shedding all of his layers of clothing, and the boy hadn't even looked away from the screen.

"I thought you were horny," Palpatine grumbled good-naturedly, slithering over to Anakin's leg. The softly-vibrating bed massaged his legs and groin enticingly. "I caught up to you and even passed you -- you're still wearing pants."

"Hmm?" Anakin mumbled absently.

This called for drastic measures. The Chancellor gripped Anakin's right ankle firmly, and reached with the other hand to trail tickling fingers across the bottom of his foot -- but the Jedi was too quick. He had jerked his leg out of Palpatine's grasp before any tickling contact could be made. Ignoring Anakin's whiny protests, Palpatine chased the wayward leg and managed to pin it to the bed, leaning his entire weight on it. "Now what are you going to do? I've got you," Palpatine teased. He knew that the young Jedi would have no trouble escaping, should he choose to. And Anakin knew that he knew. Such was the game.

"Oh, I don't know, you've got me pretty good," Anakin drawled, tossing the datapad aside at last. "Hey, you're naked!"

"How observant you are," Palpatine intoned wryly. "You were so fascinated by the bed, it took you long enough to notice."

Anakin laughed. "Awww, do you feel upstaged by a bed, sweetie?" He smiled at the Chancellor in that most adoring manner of his; it touched Palpatine's heart more than he cared to admit, even to himself. The older man couldn't help but return the fond look.

Anakin grabbed hold of his cock in a split second. His smile became a triumphant smirk as the Chancellor gasped in surprise and pleasure. He stroked it a few times, then easily wriggled free from Palpatine's weakened hold and pinned the older man on his back, arms splayed above his head. He giggled softly as he leaned down to kiss his captive. "I win," he said with a grin.

"Don't you always?" replied Palpatine breathily.

"Mmmm, yes," Anakin agreed. He began grinding his erection against Palpatine's. "Do you know what a turn-on it is to be more powerful than the most powerful man in the galaxy?" He was giddy now, intoxicated by the stimulation of the bed and naked flesh and a false sense of power.

"I can't imagine." Palpatine was quite content to let the boy believe that he, Anakin, was the dominant one, that he called all the shots in their relationship; in fact, Palpatine encouraged such beliefs. It was what the young Jedi desperately needed, and it bound him to Palpatine in a unique way. The Chancellor was irreplaceable to Anakin. The closer they became to each other, the closer Anakin came to sealing his fate as a Sith apprentice.

Their lovemaking that night was as passionate as ever, but with the added benefit of the bed's massage circuits heightening the intensity. Anakin had decided that with the bed's time-saving capabilities, he could sleep there and be fully rested in a few hours, then sneak back into the Temple early enough to keep his master from being suspicious. They would even have time for a morning "session" before he left.

With the bed's mechanics quieted and the lighting in the room reduced to a soft nightlight glow, the two naked men lay engulfed in the warm, plush folds of bedding. Anakin's head rested comfortably on Palpatine's chest, and he radiated an overwhelming amount of love and contentment into the Force as he drifted off to sleep. That's my Anakin, so full of life and emotion, even as he sleeps, Palpatine mused. He gently stroked the boy's hair, fighting his own fatigue to stay in this moment. He was always looking into the future, anticipating and scheming... but how very blissful this was, to have this precious, loving boy in his arms, their bodies and spirits intertwined.

He found himself wishing they could stay exactly like this forever.

But Palpatine quickly dismissed the disturbing thought and allowed sleep to take hold of him. Soon his breathing matched Anakin's, deep and peaceful.

Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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