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Dulling the Edges

Title: Dulling the Edges
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Vader/Sidious
Prompt: Written for starwarsficfest's prompt due July 3rd: OT, Darth Vader and the Emperor: You belong to me--Fire. (And for my own reference, the comm post is here.)
Word Count: 688
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: The prompt is for OT but really I see this as inter-trilogy. Probably closer to RotS than ANH. Thanks to gizzi1213 for the... mini-post-fic-posting beta. Added a few words :)


He still missed her.  The passage of time had transformed this particular pain from blaze to ember, but it was still there, never completely extinguished.  Although it was prone to flare up unbidden at inopportune moments, mostly he was able to control it.
He had learned what the price was for not controlling it.
Presently, alone in his chambers, he allowed himself to slip into a bittersweet reverie.  He remembered his wife's gentle touch, her musical laughter, the way her love for him lit up her whole face when she looked at him…until that last fateful day, of course, when she had betrayed him.  You should have stood by me, Padmé.  I loved you so much.  This empire could have been yours.  Ours.  Things would have been so different.
And then he waited.
He didn't have to wait long.
* * *
"You disappoint me, Lord Vader."
Now in the throne room, Darth Vader kneeled before his Master with bowed head, his guilt and shame flowing freely into the Force.  "I am sorry, my Master."
"Your apology means nothing," hissed Darth Sidious, his yellow eyes glittering menacingly. "After all I've done for you, you should be grateful to me."
Vader's reply was cut off by a quick but powerful jolt of Force lightning that toppled him backwards.  He did not cry out or moan, or attempt to deflect it.  He simply lay there, his panting amplified by his respirator, watching the slow, sick smile crawl over the emperor's twisted face.
"Assume the position."
A familiar rush of excitement rippled through Vader at the command.  He turned himself over and lowered his pants to his knees.  He could hear the rustling of Sidious unfastening his own pants, could feel the sexual energy permeating the room.
"You want this, don't you," purred Sidious as he crept up behind him.  "You're aching for it.  Say it." A gnarled finger poked at Vader's ass. 

"Yes," he managed to pant.  "Yes, Master, please…"
"Please what?"
Yes, he must play the game. "Please fuck me." He had requested this so often there was little humiliation left in the begging.
"Why should I?"
That response dumbfounded Vader for a moment.  "Because…because I want you to…"
"Oh?" snarled Sidious. "Is that reason enough?"

"P-please... Master..."

A blaze of excruciating pain seared through Vader as Sidious quite suddenly complied with his request. Every angry thrust yielded a fresh burst of electrifying agony. He cried out raspingly, incapable of producing anything louder than a garbled moan drowned out by his master's cackling. His mind registered words intermingled with the laughter. He couldn't distinguish them through his haze of overwhelming sensation, but he knew their meaning.

Vader relished his penetrator's passion.  When Sidious claimed him as his own in this primeval manner, nothing else mattered.  His failures, his weaknesses, his frustrations with his body's limitations...they all melted away.  There was only this:  pleasure-laced throbs of pain and possession.  He could feel how much enjoyment his scarred form was giving his master.  The emperor was inside of him, their bodies were joined -- he wasn't alone.  For this moment, at least, they were one flesh.

And then it was over.  Sidious withdrew his cock as brusquely as he had inserted it.  He retreated to his chair, leaving Vader writhing on the floor.  "You're pathetic," he sneered.  "Now get dressed and leave me be."

He'd grown accustomed to being dismissed in this manner; the words did not sting him.  And he knew better than to mention the fact that he wasn't yet sated.  Vader fumbled with his clothes, wincing and panting, his whole body aching.  The pain was of little concern, as he would later summon a medic to dull the edges for him.  

But not yet.  Vader needed this.  

Someday he wouldn't. He would sit on his master's throne, smug in his own omnipotence.   Vader turned around at the entranceway to bow in farewell to Sidious, but the other Sith had swiveled his chair around to face the expanse of transparisteel, rendering the gesture unnecessary. 

Vader headed for his chambers, extinguishing what remained of his arousal with every painful step.

Tags: fic, sidious, star wars, vader
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