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Why Ani/Obi makes me queasy (and why writing Palpatine is a struggle)

I joined a crack!RPG when I first started getting into the Star Wars fandom online. My character was OOC!Palpatine. (this RP has an IC and OOC version of each character. They already had a IC!Palpy but I wouldn't have wanted to tackle him anyway, for fear of hopelessly fucking up his character) I made Palpatine a bit of a drunken, angsty slut. Hee! He's fun. Anyway, OOC!Ani and OOC!Obi were in a dysfunctional relationship, where Ani was quite unhealthily obsessed with Obi. So I had Palpatine become unhealthily obsessed with Ani, who quickly discovered that he could milk the guy for bling. Ha ha, but that didn't last long - the two fell in luuuurve and 2 new Ani/Palpy shippers were born! I didn't ship anyone before that except canon pairings. The majority of players in this game are Obi/Ewan fangirls, and I'm definitely an Ani/Hayden fangirl. Yeah, I was doomed from the start ^_^

Anyhoo, naturally Palpy and Obi were at odds with each other in game all the time. Palpy didn't like how Obi treated Ani but he loved the fact that Ani would come crying to him about it and he would comfort him. (Since this is crack, it's quite normal for most of the characters to be polyamorous) Over time - after much crackiness and angst - Ani came to love Palpy more than Obi (something I swear I never thought would happen, because most people in their right minds would rather play Obi/Ani than Ani/Palpy!). So you would think that my Ani/Obi hatred would fizzle, since Palpy succeeded in wooing Ani away from Obi... but no, Ani moved on to Obi's brother Owen. Who just so happens to look exactly like Obi in this game (i.e., Ewan McGregor is the PB). They recently got married, which of course was quite a blow to Palpy since Ani had turned HIM down and said he just didn't want to be married - which, I admit, triggers a bit of my own personal angst, as this pretty much happened to me in real life.

So now the Ani/Palpy relationship is the dysfunctional one (as of the day I'm posting this). The game has slowed down quite a bit this year; I've even thought of starting a new game, with the new canon generating more interest in the Clone Wars era... but naturally it would be overrun with Ani/Obi shippers so I abandoned that idea.

In my mind, I know Ani/Obi is a hot pairing. Hayden and Ewan are sexy as hell so naturally the two of them together... plus there's so much material in canon for slashers to run with... but I just can't turn off my inner-Palpatine voice that cries at the thought of such a pairing! You would think I would react similarly to Ani/Padme, or Ani/anyone else, but I don't. So I blame it entirely on the game and the fact that Ani used to choose Obi over Palpy for a while, and now he chooses his brother over him.

This RP character is also the reason I struggle with writing Palpatine in character. He's very complex. In the movies, he's portrayed as not even human, really - a power-hungry monster without empathy. But it's fun to explore the fact that he IS human and has his weaknesses. I just tend to go overboard with it sometimes.

ETA: I welcome your thoughts on this, but due to some recent wankery, I've screened all comments on this post.(ETA again: comments are now unscreened going forward!) Said wankery has been resolved, and I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about the commenters by reading those threads; I do intend to link to this post in the future when people ask me why I don't like A/O.

ETA2: Aaaaaaaaaand I'm no longer a part of that RP. I wonder if that will affect my perception of A/O at all. I doubt it, but maybe as time goes by...

ETA3: It's now December 2015 and in a fit of great bittersweet nostalgia I was contemplating my old issues with Anakin/Obi-Wan. I honestly believe I'm over this now, and it's sad because my muse has turned her attention to another fandom. I should really try to finish my fanfic50 Anakin claim (I was SO CLOSE to finishing it!) with some Anakin/Obi-Wan fic. I mean, why not?! I'm watching The Clone Wars (I'm over THAT angst too; I've made peace with Ahsoka's existence) and hopefully something will inspire me. Hell, I hope The Force Awakens inspires me to write ANY sort of SW fic (although not at the expense of said other fandom!).

May the Force be with us all ♥

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