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Title: Monster
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin
Prompt: fanfic50 #26 - Forget
Word Count: 699
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Anakin receives a strange visitor.
Author's Notes: I don't know where this came from. O.o It's not graphic but it's creepy.


Anakin. Anakiiiiiiiiiin.

The young Jedi stirred in response to his name. It was too dark to identify the figure standing next to his bed, but his Force senses told him the man was not a Jedi. Not even a Force-user. He should have been alarmed that a stranger had somehow breached Temple security, yet for some reason he accepted this fact calmly.

“Listen to me, Anakin,” hissed the mystery.

“Mmmff,” murmured Anakin, rubbing his eyes groggily. He couldn’t seem to awaken completely. And now, dark though it was, he was fairly certain he wasn’t in the Jedi Temple. Had he been drugged?

“You’re in love with Senator Amidala, and she with you. But this will not always be so.”

Anakin tried to blink away the haze in his head. “W-what?”

“That’s right. You want to marry her. I can see right into your heart, as well as your future -- in a short while, she’ll be in neither.”

“No!” Anakin was finally beginning to panic. He tried to stand, to move towards the sinister voice -- or away from it – anywhere, he couldn’t just lie there… but he found he couldn’t move a muscle.

“Oh yes. But in time you will forget her.”

Cold fear crept over Anakin, smothering the protest in his throat. I’ll never forget her, never! he raged inwardly. Why could he suddenly not speak? He couldn’t move, but he could shiver. With every tremor of his frozen body, the fear spread a little further.

“You will be mine. And you will want for nothing.”

I want Padmé.

“You will forget her.”


“I will show you. Trust me. I care for you like no other. I am the only one you can rely on. The only one who won’t betray you.”

The voice sounded familiar, but Anakin couldn’t place it. It didn’t seem to matter at the moment; the chill of fear was being displaced by a comfortable warming sensation. His shivering ceased, the darkness melted away into hues of orange and gold… he could see light, but now he couldn’t see his companion. He only saw the colors growing brighter as he grew warmer.
Am I dying?


Where did you go?

“I’m right here beside you. I will never leave you.”

Now the voice was melodic and soothing, and Anakin felt… happy. Carefree. Peaceful.

Why am I happy?

“Because you know you are safe with me. You know I will look after you.”

Somehow, these simple statements made sense to Anakin. He yearned to wrap the silky voice around himself like a blanket, to snuggle into its folds and stay there forever.

A hand moved through his hair, soft as the caress of a gentle breeze. A shiver of excitement rippled through him, and now he knew for certain he wasn’t dying because he felt more alive than he had ever felt in his life. Every cell in his body was bursting with joy. He moaned in ecstasy, though whether he made any sound he did not know. The delicious pleasure he felt was overwhelming.

The warmth intensified to a searing heat, and Anakin cried out in sudden pain at the burning sensation that coursed through him. Make it stop! he pleaded.

No answer.

He screamed in agony, and still the voice did not respond.

“Help me!” he cried, able to speak at last. He bolted upright and the pain quite suddenly subsided, leaving him confused and disoriented. He was panting and trembling…his skin cold and clammy, his sheets soaked with sweat and semen. Anakin looked around frantically but there was no one else there. He was alone in his bedroom at the Temple.

“A nightmare. It was just a nightmare,” he whispered, willing himself to calm down.

Don’t forget me, Anakin.

Anakin jumped. The voice was in his head now. Was he still dreaming? He flicked on the lights with a wave of his hand and squinted in the brightness. “Who are you? What do you want? Where did you go?”

Instinctively, he realized there would be no answer this time. Like a child’s imaginary monster banished by the light, the voice was gone.

But Anakin would not sleep again for days.
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