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Healthy Libido

Title: Healthy Libido
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Palpatine
Prompt: imadra_blue's Star Wars Valentine's Ficfest. The love quote I chose was the Greek proverb: "A heart that loves is always young."
Word Count: 1137
Rating: R. Nearly NC-17, I think, but R.
Summary: Valentine's FLUFF.
Author's Notes: Did I mention this is fluffy? Cuz it is. Slashy fluffy mcflufferness.

He moaned, contorting his face in an expression reflecting both pleasure and pain. He would have a bruise there in the morning. It was no matter to Palpatine; he wore such bruises proudly, hidden though they were under layers of velvety robes.

His young lover achieved his release and crumpled on top of him, panting, smiling, happily dazed. Palpatine had become addicted to that look. He gave the boy a squeeze and tried not to wince as his back reminded him of their location with an insistent throb. He knew Anakin would recover soon enough and wish to move from these steps to a more comfortable place.

When the post-orgasmic euphoria wore off enough for him to stand, Anakin extracted himself from Palpatine’s arms and helped the older man to his feet. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Anakin, must you ask me that every time?” Palpatine sighed good-naturedly. “I’m not nearly as fragile as you seem to think.”

Anakin guided him over to one of the leather sofas, settling their naked bodies beneath a cozy throw. “I know, just… sometimes I forget that you’re…”

“An old man?” Palpatine teased.

“No! You’re not old,” Anakin protested.

“Yes, I am. I’m ancient to one as young as you are.” He stroked Anakin’s hair softly. It was just getting long enough now for its curl to come through, and Palpatine loved running his hands through it. Certainly he’d have to cut it before Palpatine saw him next – human male Padawans were all forced to wear the same cropped hairstyle.

“I’m not so young. I’m legal, that’s all that matters, right?” Anakin giggled, which only served to emphasize his youth in Palpatine’s eyes.

“Thank Force,” Palpatine replied, eyes twinkling. “I’m enough of a dirty old man as it is, stealing your innocence.”

Anakin snickered. “I was never innocent!”

“If you say so,” Palpatine replied, planting an affectionate kiss on the boy’s temple. In truth, Anakin was still quite innocent about a great many things, which Palpatine found refreshing and endearing. Anakin seemed content enough with that answer to drop the subject. He took the older man’s arm and lifted it from beneath the blanket. Palpatine knew what he was looking for. “It’s yellow today.”

Anakin looked over the bruise and frowned. “I wish you’d let me heal them. No one can see them anyway!”

“That’s not true. I can see them. I know they’re there and I know how they got there.”

It was an old argument, but Anakin broached this subject regularly. Stubbornly. Expecting to change Palpatine’s mind.

Anakin sighed. “From now on, we’re only fucking in a bed. Maybe a sofa. But no more desks and walls and floors.”

Palpatine laughed. “The bruise on my arm happened in bed, sweetheart. Remember? You were… quite frenzied.”

“Then I won’t touch you either. I’ll grab the sheets or something instead.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I want you to grab me. I love feeling your passion. You know that,” Palpatine cooed reassuringly. “And if it so happens that you’re struck with desire on the steps in my office, then that’s where we’ll do it.”

Anakin did not seem appeased by this. He fell silent, and Palpatine could sense some distress radiating from him through the Force. Of course, Anakin didn’t realize that this secret Force-sensitivity was one reason Palpatine was so adept at reading his feelings; Palpatine was content to let the boy think he was just naturally attuned to him. More attuned than his Master, the esteemed Obi-Wan Kenobi… delightfully oblivious to his own Padawan’s affair with the Chancellor of the Republic.

“Anakin? What’s troubling you? It’s not just these silly little marks, is it.” More soothing strokes through the hair, a reassuring squeeze…usually that was all it took to get Anakin to tell him his worries. The boy seemed to crave Palpatine’s comfort even more than he craved sex.

“I love you,” Anakin said simply.

“I love you, too,” Palpatine replied easily. “And the problem is…?”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he lamented. Before Palpatine could protest, he continued. “I know you think it’s no big deal, having some bruises or… a sore ass or what have you… but you just said the other day, you have a lot more sex than most men your age.”

“I would hardly consider that a problem,” Palpatine said, chuckling.

“What if you have a heart attack? I’ve read about it -- people can die having sex, you know. And I know you’re okay right now but you might not always be. What if I’m overworking your heart and something happens? I mean, maybe I should just, uh… you know. Take care of myself a little more often.”

Palpatine laughed. “My recovery time may not be quite as good as yours, but I assure you, I can keep up with you, loverboy. I want to be the one who satisfies that healthy libido of yours.”

“It’s not funny.” Anakin’s frown deepened. “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

Palpatine was glad Anakin cared about him so deeply; it made his ultimate goal that much easier to achieve. He knew he should prey on these insecurities, these fears that gripped him so tightly. He should feed the darkness that lurked just below the surface.

But he found that he couldn’t. Not at the moment.

“You’re not going to lose me, silly boy,” said Palpatine. “Don’t you know… it’s quite the opposite of what you just described.”

Anakin tilted his face upward, regarding him curiously. “What do you mean?”

Palpatine gazed at him lovingly. “Before you came along, I was lonely. I hadn’t even realized how unhappy I was. My life consisted of nothing but work work work. And it’s not that I don’t love serving the Republic; I do. But falling in love with you… it’s rejuvenated me. I feel so much younger, so much more alive. And I have so much more to live for.”

Anakin was smiling now. “Really?”

“Yes.” Palpatine kissed him softly before continuing. “So you see, when you fret about hurting me, or wearing out my body prematurely, I have to laugh because it’s inconceivable. Your love gives me so much joy. And as for my heart... the only way it’s overworked is from loving you so much.”

Anakin giggled. “You’re such a sap,” he teased, blushing furiously. But Palpatine knew the boy relished every word.

“I suppose I am. Does it excite you?” Palpatine grinned mischievously, snaking a hand down to Anakin’s cock. He squeezed it firmly, causing the younger man to gasp in surprise. He shifted around to press his own erection against Anakin’s leg. “It’s my turn now. Think you can get it up again before I finish?”

Anakin smirked. “Of course I can. I can keep up with you just fine, loverboy.”
Tags: anakin, fic, palpatine, star wars
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