Lumy (luminations) wrote,


Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Padmé/Anakin
Word Count: 286
Prompt: #77 - What?
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Notes: Angst, Padmé POV

She had thought of nothing else for hours, but she was no closer to reaching a decision than she’d been upon leaving Coruscant. Padmé knew what she had to do; the difficulty lay in how to go about it. How do you ask the person you love more than anyone in the universe if he’s turned to the dark side?

In her head, she already knew the answer to that question. Obi-Wan was a good friend, and he had no reason to lie to her about this. But in her heart, she couldn’t believe it. Not yet. Not without searching Anakin's eyes and gauging his reactions to her words.

Words. Right. What words? If she said just the right thing, could she turn him back to the light? Or was it already too late?

A sharp punch from within her belly interrupted her troublesome thoughts. This innocent life was completely dependent on her ability to get through to Anakin. And although Anakin hadn’t been thrilled to learn he would soon be a father, he wouldn’t turn his back on his child, would he? What if he did? What would she do then?

Padmé stared out the window at the dreary landscape of Mustafar, trying to muster enough courage to leave the safety of the ship and face her dreaded task. Her time to hatch the perfect plan was up; she saw Anakin running towards her ship. She suddenly felt an overwhelming desire to rush into his arms, where she had always felt so loved and protected... when they were together, the outside world ceased to exist.

She just knew their love would be powerful enough to save him from the darkness. It would have to be.
Tags: fic, padme, star wars
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