Lumy (luminations) wrote,

Blue Eyes

Title: Blue Eyes
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan
Prompt: fanfic50 #18 - Scream
Word Count: 395
Rating: PG
Summary: Obi-Wan takes Anakin to visit the youngest of the younglings.
Author's Notes: Again, this was written for another journal, so it feels kind of like cheating, but oh well. I looked for a term for wherever the babies are housed at the Temple but couldn't find anything on Wookieepedia, so I've used the term I like best (crèche). If anyone knows what it's supposed to be called in the SW-verse, please holler!

Anakin was twelve years old the first time his Master took him to the crèche, home to the youngest children of the Jedi Temple. Since he had been given Padawan status when he arrived at the age of nine, he had never belonged to a youngling clan, and thus had never experienced the dreaded "crèche duty." His gaze drifted to a human boy sitting on the floor with his legs splayed, intently stacking brightly-colored blocks. The baby seemed to feel Anakin's eyes on him; he looked up and flashed Anakin a toothy grin.

Obi-Wan chuckled. "I think that one likes you."

Anakin smiled back at the boy and took a few steps closer. "Whatcha buildin' there?" He felt a little silly talking to the baby as if it might answer him, but he imagined he'd have felt even sillier using baby talk.

The child's response was to extend his chubby little arms towards Anakin. Anakin looked back at his Master uncertainly.

"Go on," Obi-Wan urged. "He wants you to pick him up."

Anakin had never held a baby before; this one at least appeared to be old enough that he wouldn't break if he did it incorrectly. He lifted the boy and settled him a bit awkwardly against his hip. The boy patted Anakin's face and giggled.

Anakin wondered what was so funny about his face, though he couldn't help but giggle a little himself. He looked into the child's innocent blue eyes and felt... he wasn't sure what, exactly. Something resembling peaceful.

But the feeling vanished as quickly as it had come. Anakin blinked, and for a split-second he saw those eyes filled with shock and fear... heard the sizzle of a lightsaber blade slicing through outraged cries...felt a white-hot fury overpowering all other senses.

The child in his arms screamed.

The baby was lifted out of his arms by one of the caregivers. She frowned her disapproval at him. He looked at Obi-Wan in confusion -- what had just happened? Obi-Wan was frowning as well, and he looked equally perplexed.

They headed to their quarters, Obi-Wan mumbling half-hearted reassurances about the unpredictable temperaments of babies, Anakin quietly half-listening. He was too ashamed to confess the dark vision he'd had. He would bury it somewhere in his brain where he wouldn't have to think about it again; he hoped that place had enough room.
Tags: anakin, fic, obi-wan, star wars
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