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5 Quirks meme

I was tagged by amaranthink, and lo, I cannot resist Teh Tag. I've done this meme before but never on this journal. Still, I'll try to put mostly new ones. Except for #4 because that's my favorite one to repeat.

1) The door to my office at work must be completely open (unless there's a reason for it to be closed while I'm in here). People who come in and close it never seem to open it all the way to the wall when they leave, and it bugs me enough that I have to get up and push it the rest of the way back.

2) I'm right-handed, but I must open jars with my left hand.

3) My alarm clock is a CD player, and I will only wake up to Star Wars CDs. I change the CDs according to a semi-monthly schedule (that has to do with my work schedule) and always in order of the movies (Episodes 1 - 6 in order).

4) I normally drink one cup of coffee every morning, with liquid creamer in it. At work, I will occasionally want a second cup, but this cup cannot have liquid creamer - it must be the powdered kind.

5) I'm obsessed with my leg hair. I used to be content shaving about once a week, always in the shower, but now it's 2 or 3 times, and more often than not I'll stop what I'm doing to go do it in the sink rather than waiting until my next shower. I really don't know why - I don't have thick dark hair, and it's not like anyone but me feels my legs!

Not tagging anyone cuz this version didn't tell me I had to :P
Do it if you want to!
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