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Yay, I applied for theatrical_muse this morning. I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting for Ani to become available, and the other day I was about to request to be waitlisted when I saw that he'd either dropped out or been kicked out for inactivity. Though it really hasn't been THAT long since he posted... I'm now anxiously watching my email hoping I don't get a "whoops, sorry, he was removed from the list in error, you can't have him." Or, worse: "your app sucks, go away." Ah well, if I don't get in, I'll still keep doing libraryofwinds - that's a fun one, and NO activity requirements - also no claims list; there can be 25 Anakins posting there for all they care.

One of these days I'll write something that's not Star Wars related. Ha! Star Wars is the only fandom I feel comfortable enough with. Still, there are sooooooo many other writers out there more talented than me - I just comfort myself with "you're not a REAL writer, anyway, and it's fun so that's what's important!"
Tags: babble, star wars
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