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I know why I never write. Er - hardly ever write. Or draw.

Life is just way too full. So many things going on all the time, distracting me even when I feel like I'm above distraction.

I feel like curling up in a corner of my old favorite coffeeshop (which no longer exists, sadly) with a big mocha and a pad of paper and just letting things flow. But I can't. I'm at work. I can't even stay off the internet long enough to concentrate on the work itself. A friend of mine recently cut down her internet usage because she felt like the internet was dumbing her down and making her ADD. I can totally relate to this. I should spend less time on here too.

But I don't wanna!

At least I did manage to talk myself out of joining fanfic100, for the time being. I thought about it and while yes it would be nice to feel like I have more motivation to MAKE the time to write, it's just one more thing to have hanging over my head, adding pressure that exists mostly in my brain but would feel real nonetheless... and do I really want strangers reading my fics? I guess I don't care THAT much, but unless you're actively seeking feedback, why pimp out your stuff? SHOULD I seek feedback? I'm not aiming to do anything with this except have fun. But shouldn't we always be striving to improve ourselves in everything we do?
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