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Title: Shimmer
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Anakin/Padmé
Prompt: fanfic50 #19 - Kick
Word Count: 289
Rating: G
Author's Notes: I was originally going to go another way with this, and I may still in the future. This is basically a short'n'sweet ZOMG-I-haven't-posted-on-my-claim-in-six-months ficlet. ^_^

She was just as beautiful as always, despite her protruding abdomen. No -- in part, because of it. It was their love that had made her belly swell. She absently combed her hair, her silvery silhouette shimmering. She radiated hope and happiness as she dreamt aloud of raising the child on Naboo, conveniently overlooking the harsh realities of their predicament. To the public, they weren't a young married couple happily anticipating the birth of their first child; they were an unwed Senator and a Jedi playboy. Scandalous!

Anakin hated keeping their marriage a secret, but he knew that Padmé would never have agreed to marry him otherwise. Sometimes it seemed as though his Jedi career was more important to her than it was to him. Hell, it's not as though he couldn't do anything else. He could surely find work repairing or repairing droids and speeders. But if he really was the Chosen One, shouldn't he be valuable enough for the Order to make certain allowances for him?

"Ani! Come here! She's kicking!" Padmé excitedly reached for his hand and guided it to the correct spot. Nothing happened for a moment.

And then he felt it -- not a sharp jab like he'd been expecting...more like a slow, rolling push.

"There -- did you feel that?"

Anakin could only smile and nod, for his heart was apparently caught in his throat. That was his son or daughter in there! This was real. He was going to be a father. He began to realize what that meant, and the knowledge humbled him. None of those other things mattered. This was all that mattered.

He tried to speak. "Padmé... I...this feels so..."

She just smiled at his verbal clumsiness. "I know."
Tags: anakin, fic, padme, star wars
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