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((I love this icon.))

I want to write more.


I want to get back into my fanfic50 claim.

I want to come up with something awesome for my jedi_mistletoe recipient.

And (damnit, Liz!) I want to join theatrical_muse like whoa. But I'll keep stalking people lurking there for now.

One thing I definitely do NOT want to do is NaNoWriMo. Y'all are crazy! Heh, actually, I fully respect and admire you if you're insane enough to do that. Only one person on my f-list (other journal) finished it last year.

I'd also like to do art that's more than just "quick" sketching (quick for me can be more than an hour though).

Instead, what do I do? I do none of these things, I just whine about wanting to do them and I go about my daily existence. Heh. Go me!
Tags: #firstworldproblems, babble, star wars
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